September 30, 2010

Moving on From Serengeti Communications & The Social Media Marketing Book

By Li Evans

Life in the online marketing world can get quite busy, pretty fast.  Before you know it, they hobbies that you love fall to the wayside, or take different forms into full time positions or work themselves into a book.  For the past year or so that is what happened to me and to a lot of the Search Marketing Gurus group of writers.  Many of the writers here have moved on to new positions from when they started with SMG or have even started their own businesses which take up a major amount of their time.

Smm-book-cover-300h For me it was writing the social media marketing book, Social Media Marketing:  Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & other Social Media.  It was a true labor of love - sharing my knowledge of this industry and how companies can effectively utilize social media as a true online marketing tool.  

I also threw my heart and soul into my client work at Serengeti Communications.  Nan Dawkins is one of the best bosses anyone could wish to have.  She kind, caring and so willing to share.  Her generous nature and willingness to be a great mentor is something I not only greatly respect, but am honored to have been able to have in my life.  It's also what made my decision to move on from Serengeti Communications so difficult. 

Friday, will be my last day with my awesome co-workers John Lynch, Kevin Olson, Nate Linnell and Stacy Moren who I was with from the start.  They are really great people and another reason why its tough to leave.

So, where am I going?  What am I about to venture out on?  Well stay tuned, there's a lot to come, a lot of exciting stuff - especially with SMG.  We've got a bunch of writers coming back to help kick up some great ideas, tips and insights and Julie will be keeping up with the Women of Internet Marketing Interviews.  We'll also have conference coverage and photos again starting with Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and eConsultancy next week and Search Engine Strategies in Chicago in mid-October and AffCon in December.  SMG will also be going through both a platform and design change as we'll be moving from Typepad to Wordpress over the month of October.

We're back folks, so stay tuned - more to come! :)

January 19, 2009

Changes, Changes, Changes for 2009

By Li Evans

At least there are changes here at Search Marketing Gurus!

First, I'd like to welcome back Greg Meyers!  Greg's a great friend, and an old colleague of mine who runs the great PPC blog, SEMGeek.  Greg now also adds knowledge - very in depth knowledge - of Google Grants and how non-profits can utilize and benefits from this program.  Greg also joins me in an intense passion for political online marketing.  Now with Obama in office (hey its less than 24 hours from now!), we're definitely going to be seeing big changes from the political front with how they operate in the online marketing sphere.

Greg's already contributed two great articles on Google Grants this month so far, and he's got one more in the series to come.  Check out Google Grants Part 1 and Google Grants Part 2

Second, we've added Beth Harte of The Harte of Marketing.  Beth and I have become really great friend and both have a passion for social media.  Beth's recently broken out on her own, and I thought this was a perfect time to snag her up and get her on the SMG team to help spread the good word about social media, public relations and all that fun reputation management stuff.  Beth is also a contributor at Marketing Profs and Search Engine Guide. 

So with those announcements coming, we definitely have added some great insight into our gurus team, that we plan to share with you the audience.  Stay tuned, the year will bring much more to come!

November 06, 2008

Pre-Gaming for PubCon & A Little About Me

By Chris Phillips

Hello, my name is Chris Phillips and this is my first post on Search Marketing Gurus. I work at Razorfish (Philadelphia Office) as an SEO Analyst (Click on my name to read more about me).

Pre-Gaming for PubCon
Chris-phillips I am really looking forward to going to Las Vegas for the first time, and attending PubCon. As you can see from this picture I live by the "work hard, play hard" mentality (Note: This picture was taken after 5:00 pm - I have witnesses).

When the opportunity came up to attend PubCon, I jumped for it. In the past I have attended other conferences such as SES New York '07 and SEOmoz Pro Training Series, but sometimes it is hard to stay for the after conference events.
This time I will be at PubCon all week so I can attend all the events.

My favorite part of search marketing conferences is the time after the conference where we have the ability to meet and have great conversations with other search marketing experts, so naturally I feel PubCon will be a good fit.

It's great to speak with other search marketing experts about the the projects they are working on, the issues they have run into and solutions they came up. I feel I usually learn more from conversations with other marketing professionals about dealing with real-world problems than I do from the conference itself.

If you see me at PubCon please stop me and say hi!

How I got here
At one of our monthly Internet Marketers of the Delaware Valley (IM-DV) meetings, Li asked me to start contributing on topics surrounding Website Architecture and SEO. I was honored to be asked to contribute to one of the top Search Marketing websites around.

My Role Here at Search Marketing Gurus
I will be contributing information relating to technical aspects of SEO. Topics will include issues that can block search engines from crawling your website efficiently, server side tips, coding and site structure best practices.

October 29, 2008

Phinally a Phillanie in Philly with the Phillies!

By Li Evans

Carlos_ruiz_brad_lidge_phillies_win_world_series_2008 Please humor a gal who's been longing for a trophy to come back to Philly.....

A lot of you who know me personally know I'm a Philly Sports Gal.  Die hard Eagles fan, Love the Flyers, Phillies and Sixers.  The Soul started up this year with a Championship.... and FINALLY after 25 years of a Major Championship drought, the Phillies win the World Series - PHINALLY!.

Let me tell you, as a Philly fan, it's a LONG time coming!  The last 46 hours have been torture, with the game getting suspended on Monday due to weather.... but this is so sweet.

Congrats to the Phightin' Phillies! :)

Friday the parade starts at noon - 20th & Market and then goes down Broad Street (of course) then ends at Citzen's Bank Park, woo hoo!

August 26, 2008

Just a Quick Note....

By Li Evans

Frustrateduser Due to some technical difficulties, which include 2+ hours on the phone with HP today, the two Tuesday's tips videos I have videoed, will be delayed by a day or two until I can get my laptop up and running right again.

I tell ya, I think I'm jinxed.  2+ hours and HP still isn't sure what's wrong with my laptop, isn't that lovely?

Apologies for those who are waiting on the video shot out at SES... I working on it, I swear!

July 13, 2008

Taking Time Out To Thank My Friends in the Search Industry

By Li Evans

You'll have to forgive this post, as is has nothing at all to do with online marketing, but everything to do with the people within the industry.

Sometimes in life, we have to just stop.  Stop and realize what's important, and what really matters in a person's life.  Drama of any kind, is a distraction, especially when dealing with true life and death struggles brought on by medical situation, that aren't your own. 

This past December one word made my whole world stop.  Cancer.

My Dad, Dave EvansMy father is my inspiration for a lot of the things in my life.  I thank him for encouraging my curiousness in computers and love of electronic gadgets and classic cars.  When I got the call, I'm sure you can just imagine the fear and the worry that went through my mind in those seconds. Everything flew by so fast. 

We soon found out my father's condition was limited to a tumor in his esophagus.  He was very lucky because it was found in a very early stage.  But now what was he to do?  Chemo, radiation?  Some of you know my dad's lungs ad heart aren't the greatest, so enduring that would have been a considerable strain on him.  It was decided that he would have an operation that would remove part of his esophagus and attach his stomach up to the end of the area that was removed.  The doctors felt he was strong enough to endure the operation and what came after, rather than what the chemo and radiation would do to his body.

The operation happened on February 4th of this year.  It took 3 hours longer than the 7 hours they originally told us it would take.  In my own mind, that was a signal that this was not going to be an easy road for my family.  That signal was right.  My dad's weak lungs were working against him, although the surgery itself seemed a success, he had to be put on a ventilator.

We soon found out the hospital he was in did not specialize in getting him weaned off the vent.  We had to send him to another hospital.  He was there for over 2 months, and lets just say, his stay at this place was rather horrible (to they point where they told us he wouldn't ever get off the vent nor eat on his own again, which they were wrong about).  Soon the insurance demanded that he be moved to another specialized facility.  Third facility did start to help, but my father fell a few times and the last time he fell, it was likely one of the better things that happened in this whole ordeal.

This 3rd hospital truly helped my dad, they aggressively weaned him from the vent.  They figured out what was really the culprit of why he wasn't progressing.  Not surprisingly, it was what my sister had brought up at the 2nd hospital and the doctor poo-poo'd her, telling us that what my sister suggested looking at wasn't the culprit at all (and they knew better than us).  This 3rd hospital kept us in constant contact and finally we felt we were getting somewhere, and finally, my Dad could go back to the hospital he started off in to finish up his rehabilitation.  Communication, is one heck of a comforting thing.

Five months and 4 days after the operation (as well as 4 hospitals and 1 rehab facility) my dad came home last Tuesday and we celebrated that home coming yesterday.  He's still not ready to run marathons, that'll take time, but my dad is alive, my dad is home and he's cancer free.  I'm very thankful for that, and I'm very aware, not as many families have these types of outcomes.

Thankyouballoon The reason why I'm telling this story, is to show you how most of the industry is so very giving and caring. 

From Dazzlin' Donna, Mike, Deb, Matt, Robert, Julie, Jenn, Simon, Greg, Donna, Diane, Brian, Elizabeth and Kim who'd check in on me and how I was doing emotionally - especially when I seemed a bit more stressed out than usual through email and IM, to MarySue and Beau who'd come over to my apartment or call, I appreciated the support more than you'll ever know. 

My wonderful friend Christine (who happens to be my boss) and her husband Mike and my coworker Jim, helped me deal with this in other ways, and a person couldn't have a more supportive, understanding and caring employer and co-worker than me.  I'm extremely lucky, and thankful to work for KeyRelevace.  Having a support system like this to get me through these truly extraordinary, extenuating circumstances was a blessing I'm so thankful someone bestowed upon me.

As children we all tend to think our parents are indestructible.  Its really tough when you realize, that's not so true.  You become very thankful for those blessings in your life like your family, and friends like I have here in the search industry.  If I didn't have you all for support to bring me back to center while I was traveling to London, Santa Clara, New York, San Francisco and elsewhere or even to the many, many trips to the hospitals, I would have truly broken down.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those sent the emails, the im's and the thoughts and prayers to my family.  I hope this gives you an idea of the true depth of my appreciation, and gratitude for the caring hands you extended.  Without all of you, this would have been a lot rougher journey than it was.

July 07, 2008

Minor Maintenance on SMG

By Li Evans

You might experience some minor interruption in reaching while we go through a DNS change.  I'm hoping it will be minor, but one never knows!

No fear though, we're still here and not going anywhere, just make sure to stop back if you get any kind of funky errors.

Hope everyone in the U.S. had a great holiday!

July 02, 2008

Welcoming Matt McGee to the KeyRelevance Team

By Li Evans

Matt McGeeWorking for KeyRelevance, I have one of the best perks in this industry.  I get to work with some of the best minds in search.  From analytics, to pay per click (PPC), to search engine optimization and keyword research.  Jim Gilbert teaches me all the time about the ins and outs of PPC and working with Christine Churchill who's the preeminent authority on keyword research is an opportunity that a lot of folks can only dream about.

Well, yesterday, we added one more "great mind" to our staff.  Matt McGee joined KeyRelevance! If you didn't know, Matt owns the Small Business Search Marketing Blog .  I've known Matt for a number of years, and when he let me know he'd be available, both Christine and I jumped at the chance to have him join KeyRelevance.

So if you didn't know who's all at Key Relevance, there's Christine Churchill, Mike Churchill, Jim Gilbert (all three write at SEMClubhouse with me), Bill Slawski (of SEO By The Sea) and myself (Liana "Li" Evans).  Check out all about KeyRelevance.... and stayed tuned we have a lot more to come in the next few months!

June 15, 2008

Tim Russert - An Inspiration to All Journalists and Bloggers

By Li Evans

If you haven't guessed, I'm a political news junkie.  One of the people who I have had a great respect for is Tim Russert.  So many Sunday's I'd sit with my father just watching Tim fairly ask questions, poke and prod and get the answers most American's were looking for.  I remember when Tim interviewed Hillary and she wouldn't answer directly if she was going to run for president.  I also remember distinctly a show where he had James Carville and his wife Marry Matalin on, at the end he brought in their children.

However, the most distinct thing I remember was him saying "Florida, Florida, Florida" and wrote it on the white board (which is in the Smithsonian museum now) when it came down to what would decide the 2000 election.  He was right about Florida and 90% of the time I found he was right on the dime about the other issues he'd talk about.

I'll miss Sunday mornings with Tim Russert.  Tim, you will be missed.

Tim Russert You'll Be Missed on my Whiteboard

May 06, 2008

Welcome Simon Heseltine & Good Luck to Greg!

By Li Evans

Simon Heseltine playing pool - SES Chicago 2007I'm happy to welcome aboard my good friend Simon Heseltine to the Search Marketing Gurus writing team.  Simon's day job is the Director of Search for Serengeti Communications based out of the Washington D.C. area.  Simon writes for the company's blog - Endless Plain and also his own blog Search Engine Tigers, as well as a columnists with me at Search Engine Guide.

Simon's heading to Miami with me to cover the Word of Mouth Marketing Association's WOMM-U event to cover it for them here on Search Marketing Gurus.  Unfortunately right now, he's hobbling around on crutches so if you see him walking around the event, give him a hand with his bag (if I'm not already doing that).

Greg Meyers & Liana 'Li' EvansIt's also with a little sadness, but with a lot more cheerfulness that we are wishing "Good Luck" to Greg Meyers.  Greg's been with me almost since the beginning here on SMG.  In Greg's new role at the company he joined, he is now a founder and is finding it really tough to even write at his own blog SEM Geek, let alone carving out time to write for SMG.  Although I'm sad Greg's leaving us, I know it's better for him since the company he works for is doing some really great things.

Welcome aboard Simon, and Good Luck Greg!

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