December 10, 2006

What Happened In The Real World While SES Chicago Was Going On

By Li Evans

Smglinkroundup So last week while I was out at SES Chicago, speaking on panels and networking with people, a whole lot of stuff was going on in the "Real World".  So here's a link round-up, if you were out in Chicago you might have missed some of these stories.

I think that about covers it all!  These bloggers all covered it much better than I, especially since I was at the Hilton in Chicago for most of the week.

November 27, 2006

Digg - Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

By Li Evans

Diggman These days I can't go through any news aggregating sites without seeing at least 1 or 2 stories about Digg.  The social news site has been stirring up a lot of controversy lately, check out this list:

And that's just a small bit, some other influential bloggers have been questioning where digg's going an the quality of stories being put out there.  The entire "mob rule" is being placed into question, especially in light of how John Chow's blog has been banned from digg submissions.  Take a gander at these recent blog posts from more well known blogger's in the industry:

I really see digg's audience changing from the technology and geek readers and branching out and attracting mainstream readership.  I read and hear a lot about professionals in our industry having their stories "dugg" but then the discussions that happen on the threads show the total lack of knowledge of the area the article speaks to.  It is not saying that the "diggerz" are dumb or stupid, they really are just lacking the in-depth day in and day out knowledge the technology and search industry professionals have.

As new "diggerz" come into the fold the more it annoys and drives away the early adopters.  Not necessarily those who "digg" lots of stories, but more the folks who read the stories.  Both Rob Hof and Scoble point out they are opting out of the feeds from digg, as the stories being submitted are no longer of much value to them.  This is just how services who have been in the "geek realm" change when they reach the mainstream, an evolution, it changes and morphs once the mainstream populace gets a hold of it.

Newscorplogo As digg courts investors or potential buyers (such as News Corp.), this "mainstream" reach helps to up the value of digg, so who can blame Kevin Rose for leading digg in a new direction?  Don't worry though, I'm sure Venture Beat or Tech Crunch will find us another internet darling that us geeks can become early adopters of.

November 26, 2006

Google Settles With 2 Belgium Media Groups

By Li Evans

Googlenewsbelgium Over the holiday weekend here in the states, the rest of the world business and courts churned, including Belgium.  Google didn't rest on its laurels either, in fact news first broken by Bloomberg and updated 4 times since originally breaking cam on Friday 11/24/06.

Google was also in court appealing the ruling back in September against them using Belgium news sources without permission in its Belgium news portal.  Friday's news now excludes the Belgium groups Sofam (who represent photographers) and Scam (who represent journalists) from the case.  A ruling on the case is expected sometime in January 2007.

Meanwhile, the Danes are still without Google news as Google put that version on hold because of the Danes wanting and "opt in" option, rather than the standard robots.txt file.

Others that are commenting on this news:

Past Related Articles:

November 25, 2006

Saturday Morning Experiments

By Li Evans

I'm catching up on all my reading I've missed the last couple of days before all the festivities here in D.C. start and I saw two experiments that have caught my eye that I'd thought I'd pass along to those who are reading over the holiday weekend.Alexalogo

November 14, 2006

World Usability Day

By Li Evans

Worldusabilityday Did you know that today is World Usability Day?  Until this morning I didn't!  That's why I love RSS and the ability to read a lot of different types of blogs and find out things I have never had a clue about before.  I'm still a "newbie" in the usability area, but here's a "Link Round Up" on some great posts from bloggers highlighting the day.

And check out Matt Bailey's blog on Accessibility Issues, like Cre8pc, this blog focuses on usability and accessibility issue for websites and search marketers.

November 03, 2006

Friday Night Ponderings

By Li Evans

I'm going to try a new thing - at least for Search Marketing Gurus - the occasional "Link Roundup".  I'll  revert to this when it seems the job that pays the bills requires much more of me.  Today being on of those days it was rough to get any kind of coherent thoughts down on virtual paper, thankfully, a lot of other bloggers did it for me.

And that's a wrap on the link roundup! :)

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