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March 18, 2009

Online Marketing Tips Video: Social Media Metrics - Measuring Success & Failures Part 2

By Li Evans

This week's Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing is the 2nd part in the two part series on Social Media Metrics.  We're covering measuring ratings, reviews, retweets and more.  Complete with screen captures this time so you can see what exactly we're talking about in the tips.

Full Social Media Metrics - Measuring Success & Failures Part 2 Video Transcript after the jump....

Full Social Media Metrics - Measuring Success & Failures Part 2 Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing. I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and Search Marketing Gurus and I'm back with the 2nd part of our Social Media Metrics series for today. What we're going to take a look at is three different types of tips again that you can look at to help measure the success of your social media strategy. I'm also going to do some screen shots to put in with these tips so you can kind of get a handle on what exactly I'm talking about with these social media metrics tips. So lets take a look at the first one.

Track Those Ratings, Favorites & Comments

The first tip is "Ratings, Favorites & Comments". What I'm talking about with this is if you have any kind of effort going on in any kind of social media networking site, whether its videos, its Flickr, its Yelp, anywhere that somebody can favorite something, they can comment on something or they can put you as a friend, these things are all measurable. So if you want to put some kind of effort out there in these types communities you can measure your success by the interaction you have with these people. So lets take a look at some of these places that we can look at to measure those rating and success.

(Showing Screen Capture) For tip number 1 as I was discussing before about looking at ratings, views an comments on your social projects out there, that you are putting your social media efforts that you are putting out there. You can look at your ratings (zoom in on ratings). Ratings happen on profiles, they happen on pictures, they happen on videos and you can see here this one has 14. You can look at views (zoom in on views) and views happens on videos, they happen on profile views and they happen on photos as well. So those you can use to gauge. People favorite things (zoom in on favorites), and you can use that as another metric to measure. Then you also have (zoom in on Text comments) text comments. How actively engaged are people on your social media efforts. As well as on video shares (zoom in on video shares) you have video responses. Are people putting up video responses engaging with your social media efforts out there. If you use these as a metric you can gauge whether or not your social media effort is successful or whether you need to tweak it to make it successful.

Retweets & Saved Bookmarks

We're back with tip number 2. With tip number two I'm talking specifically to social bookmarking sites & twitter. What I mean by tip number 2 with "Saves & Retweets" is that you can actually count those and see if you are getting some kind of benefit from them with your social media strategy. You can basically go out and count how many times one of your tweets has been retweeting out to your audiences and beyond. There are programs that do actually count the "RT"'s with Twitter, when someone Retweets they do an "RT", they count that. Then also you can see also if they are retweeting your bookmarks if you are putting them out to your Twitter account. Then also with that you can count how many times people are saving your bookmarks, how many times are they saving it to Delicious, to Furl, to Faves, to Diigo - all of those count as measurable ways to measure your social media strategy. So lets take a look at just a little bit of that in Twitter and in the social bookmarking places.

(Showing Screen Capture) So with tip number two when I was discussing about looking at your saves and your retweets and seeing how those are being populated out into the social media space and measuring that, this is what I was talking about. Looking at Delicious in particularly (zoom in on saves in Delicious) you can see how many times a particular articles has been saved if you yourself have saved it. Here you can see here that 6 people have actually saved this in Delicious, so you can use that as a measurement gauge as well to check some of your metrics in social media.

Then we have a thing for retweeting that you can check its' called Retweetist (zoom in on retweetis logo), its a site - R-e-t-w-e-e-t-i-s-t-dot-com, and it will show your the things that are being retweeted. It will show you the things that are being retweeted, What's Hot (zoom in on hot retweets), what are the most retweeted URLs (zoom in on most popular), and it will also show you the most Retweeted users as well (zoom in on retweeted users), so you can actually make friends with these people and they might look at what you're tweeting out, and it could be possible that they tweet out what you have. So these are some great tools that you can use to help you measure your tweets and your saves in the social media space and how well they are doing.

Grease Monkey Social Media Script

And back we are for tip number 3, and that's our final tip for today. It's using the Grease Monkey Social Media Script. Now this is specific only to Firefox and if you have Google Analytics installed in your site. It's a really really handy tool that can help you gauge how well your content is doing in social media. So if you have a blog or if you put a video on a web page, or you put pictures on a page and you want to measure how many times people are Digging this, or they are putting it out on Mixx, or they are saving it, you can see this with this Grease Monkey Script. So lets take a look at what it looks like in Google Analytics.

(Showing Screen Capture) So with tip number three, what I wanted to really point out is use this (zoom in on title of Greasemonkey Plugin) Social Media Metrics Greasemonkey Plugin in just for Firefox and Google Analytics. So if you are not using Firefox and you are not using Google Analytics you are not going to be able to use this particular plugin. It's really great for people to be able to measure what's going on with their social media efforts and how well they are doing in those particular social media sites (zoom in on list of social media sites). As you can see here, we've got Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Delicious and Yahoo inlinks with more to come as well.

Here's what it looks like in Google Analytics (switch to Google Analytics view) when you have this plugin in your Firefox. You'll see your normal Google Analytics information which is on here, your page views, your spikes in your traffic coming in. But then it adds in this piece down here (zoom in on Grease Monkey add in features), Delicious, StumbleUpon. It shows you how many different actions are happening within these different social media sites. So this is a really great tool to help you measure your efforts in social media.

So those are your three tips for today's tips in social media metrics for Tuesday's Tips in Online marketing. I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance, I'll be back next week with some more Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing. As always you can find a transcript of this video at Search Marketing Gurus. We'll see you next time.


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Thanks for posting. Tip 3 has to be one of the tips I have come across in a long time. I will certainly be giving this a go as you can never have too much data to analyse; especially when planning future campaigns.



Thanks for sharing this post. It is very interesting..Measuring success is important for us to know if our hard work are bearing fruits.. The tips and guidelines are very useful. Looking forward to reading other great post.

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