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March 10, 2009

Online Marketing Tips Video: Social Media Metrics - Defining & Measuring Goals Part 1

By Li Evans

This week's Tuesday's Tips video is part one of a two part series discussing social media metrics.  How do you define what is a success, have you defined your goals?  These tips discuss some areas you can look to and measure to gauge your success or failure with your social media strategy.

Full Social Media Metrics - Defining & Measuring Goals Video Transcript After The Jump....

Social Media Metrics - Defining & Measuring Goals Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in online marketing. I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and Key Relevance. I'm back this time with some tips on Social Media Metrics. This is going to be part 1 of a 2 part series on social media metrics that we are going to cover for Tuesday's Tips. So what I'm talking about is actually how you can measure whether or not your social media strategy is successful or its a failure. This way you can gauge whether or not you should move onto something else in social media or maybe you would want to go and wanted to go do something altogether different in online marketing. So lets take a look at it with our first tip.

Are You Getting Comments with You Blog Posts?

Our first tip is Comments vs. Posts. What I mean by this is for how many posts are you putting on your blog, how many comments are you getting? If you aren't getting any or you are getting 1 or 2, you might not be engaging with your audience quite the way you should be. So you might want to phrase your wording differently, asks questions, go out and post on other people's blogs, and also link back to other people. That gets them to actually come and comment on your blog posts.

If you've got 10, 20, 30 or even more comments coming on your posts, you are definitely engaging with your audience and its something you should measure as a success. So take a look at that for the first tip, with comments vs. posts, and gauge what your goal should be for your comments. Of course in the beginning when you first start your blog, you not going to have that many comments coming in on your posts, but as it grows older and you start engaging more with the community, you'll start to see more comments coming in on your posts.

Define What You Consider a Conversion

So lets take a look at tip number 2. What we have for tip number two is Conversion. Now what I mean by conversion is, not necessarily somebody buying something directly from social media, but your conversion could be how many times a video is viewed or how many times people subscribe to your blog. Do they subscribe through email or do they subscribe through RSS. Those are types of things your want to gauge because in social media conversion isn't directly related to somebody buying something.

That kind of conversion isn't the same as it is with Pay Per Click or SEO. So take a look at your conversions, what are you gauging as conversions? Are they signing up for you newsletter? Are they engaging with you on Twitter? Are they looking at your Facebook profile? Are they looking at your Flickr Photos? Those things are all different kind of conversions that you can take a look at in social media that you can put down as a goal. You can say I want to have this many conversions with this type of conversion this month and if you've met it then you've succeeded your goal. So that's tip number 2 with conversions.

Are Your Social Media Efforts Getting Links?

Let's move onto tip number 3. Tip number three is Acquired Links. Now, what I'm talking about here is not necessarily getting hoards and hoards and hoards of links, it's the quality if the link, remember that. It's not the quantity, it's the quality. So are you getting links from authoritative sources? Are other blogs linking back to you, are news outlets linking back to you, are other vendors linking back to you with your social media efforts? On your blog posts, on the videos you put out, on the pictures you put on Flickr or somewhere else, are you getting links into these particular sources of social media, and if you are then you can also gauge that with your social media metrics .

So those are your three tips for social media metrics part one for Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing. I'm Li Evans of Key Relevance and Search Marketing Gurus. As always you can find a transcript of this video at SearchMarketingGurus.com.


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Thanks for sharing this insightful posts. I totally agree with what it says.. I believe that we must build our wealth through personal relationships and through that we can interact, get comments, and links. Everything we worked for will be rewarded.. Looking forward to reading other great post from you..

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