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October 06, 2008

Guess the SEO's Tattoo in 'Whose Tat Iz Dat?'

By David Temple

Dave Snyder of Snydesense was the inspiration for this seo attention diverting post. I sat next to him at a dinner in San Jose during the Search Engine Strategies Conference in August. This is one smart, genuine and quite frankly, likable guy. If you've ever met Dave, one of the first things you notice is he's covered in works of art. I was admiring his tattoos and took a couple of pics.

As I wandered around the next few days and nights I discovered other seo's who had tattoos and wondered if anybody ever noticed them. So I decided to take a few pics along with my new friend Jenny Du, who blogs at What Would Jenny Du? We managed to compile some of the many tattoos of the search world in the next couple of days. This is by no means a comprehensive list but instead a look at those who were willing to share. One seo was willing to share their tattoos but asked that we do not name them, so they shall remain anonymous.

See if you can guess Whose Tat Iz Dat? Simply match the number with the letter. And If you're at SMX East please don't go about stripping your fellow seo's to see if you can match them with the tattoos. Ask nicely and maybe, just maybe, they'll reveal a tat or two.

1. Dave Snyder
2. Jim Boykin
3. Dave Davies
4. Motoko Hunt
5. Greg Hartnett
6. Mike McDonald
7. Brent Csutoras
8. Chris Boggs
9. Jayme Westervelt
10. Brandy Eddings
11. Todd Malicoat
12. Matt Gonzales
13. Anonymous



c. Cimg1530

d. Sdc10102_2





i. Sdc10115

j. Sdc10187


Sdc10217 l.




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Wow, quite a selection of SEO tats. Chris Boggs has a tat? huh I would never have guessed. Which one I have no idea.

I am disappointed in the poor quality. Tattooists really need to talk to their clients about proper after-care, and the clients need to follow their instructions.

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