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May 09, 2008

WOMMA WOMM-U: Bob Pearson from Dell Keynote

By Li Evans

Bob_pearson_dell_keynote_wommu Bob Pearson, of Dell is presenting the first keynote of the morning.  He hates podiums so he's actually walking through the crowd.  So what Dell's Learned so far?

#1  the online world is undergoing the most significant transformation so far.  There is growth ever second.  A month ago China over took the US with the number of people online.  Over 500k people go online for the first time everyday. Do we know their purchase habits?  Do we know their searching habits?  No!

#2  The # of conversations is exploding.  Digital data is exploding. It's increased 6 times over the past 4 years.  The amount of conversations is going up exponentially.

#3  customers want to speak with us in their first language.  English reaches 1/3 of thw orld in a good day.  People want to do business in the language they are comfortable in.  2/3 of what happens in the world is in 9 other languages.Japan is actually the #1 country in the world for conversations - text messages and blogs contribute to this.

#4  New countries are formed every day that are not being treated with the full respect that their nation's population deserves.  If MySpace were a county it would be the 11th biggest in the world (between Japan & Mexico).  So would you treat Japan like you do MySpace by putting up banner ads? 

#5  Watch out for content pushers.  They sound smart, everyone "does it", it's cool... but it is a bad habit and we should all know better. Just don't put up pages to put something up.  Leaders will enter and become relevant in conversations that occur every day in every language all around the world about their company or product.  Companies that cling to the past may not realize it but  they will loose relevance.

#6  You new home page is really cool .... but do you know where it is? Today's home page is a Google search Results page.  The Traffic that matters is not about you!

#7  If you build it they will not necessarily come!

#8  Less than 1% of a personal time online will be spent online purchasing.  The real world of our customers online.  Opinions are formed during the 99% of time outside of purchase path.

What has Dell's Key Learnings & Action been with all of this?

Womma_dell_keynote_slide_bob_pearso #1  The most important thing you can do is help customers w/ their technology problems.  Digital media strategy was to engage in relevant conversations with our customers online 24/7 world wide in all major languages.

#2  Blogging is global ... blogging is multi-lingual ... blogging is by community of passion ... blogging is not "one blog".  Outreach objective:  transparent, candid and quick communication.  Results:  6 million views last month.  Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Norwegian, new blogs for small businesses, consumer, IT .. etc.

#3  would you rather do a focuses group with 10 people or listen to 100,00 people debate ideas for a few months and ask them questions throughout the process?  People telling you exactly what they want. Focus groups are becoming less important.  Listen objective:  encourage ideas, feedback, input and dialogs Results:  12, 000 ideas (external & internal), 120 ideas in action externally.  Most notably the idea of going to Linux wasn't on their road map at all, within three months it was put into action.

#4  Customers are partners and partners join together to make a difference.  World's greenest technology company - any time the customers buy a computer they can plant a tree.  Businesses can buy / plant a forest.  Started "ReGeneration" Blog customers talk about their "green" efforts and had 173k and Dell is just facilitators.

#5  Communities are more powerful than individuals, Communities want to help each other improve.  "Accepted Solutions" was launched.  Community solutions will decrease calls and empower our customers.  Over the first couple of months this has generated over 5k in solutions.

#6  the online experience at work should be similar to the online experience at home.  Web access for all Wikis, blogs & forums .. Ratings & reviews ... and more.  Dell just opened up the internet to all employees.  Their blog is the main way to communicate along with employee with an employee idea storm.  They have the facebook group - dellbook.

#7  Join your customer's communities and become part of the solution. Direct to customer Q&A like Yahoo.  "Tech Brad" is from Dell he's become so popular that Yahoo Answers is featuring him in their advertising.

#8  You can be easy to see, and should be easy to converse to.  From dell outlet to friends lists...  Bob is showing Lionel on Twitter.  Do you really need to do a press release anymore?

#9  If you are dealing with an issue be truthful , transparent and diligent in updating your customers.  you need to be doing this in real time.  you need to be quick - responding within an hour. 

#10  Your customers are people not lines of business.  One customer or Employee --> Many communities.

#11  Measurement requires thinking outside the box.  Don't try to fit old thinking to the new environment.  We have a new set of Metrics.  What really matters is conversation and communities.  What's your average comment to post ratio.  Where are people going?  Conversation and community - how do we get better at understanding all of this?

Comments - Q&A's after the keynote.
They don't allow communities or digital properties to be opened in another language unless it can be fully supported.

They support employees when they want to investigate new social media communities.


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