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May 09, 2008

WOMMA WOMM-U- Pick a Charity Workshop Results

By Simon Heseltine

Following on from the Pick a Charity Workshop sessions yesterday and this morning, the ideas and results for each of the 3 different charities were presented over the lunch sessions.

Overall, some interesting solutions were generated and presented, with ideas ranging from generating basic awareness to eco-terrorism.

So here's what each group came up with, just to give you an idea of how the thought processes differed within each group:

For the Wilderness Society, several priorities were identified:

    * Local is relevant, but needs to be stitched into a national movement
    * The need is there to activate the 400k current handraisers
    * Find out who the core is, so that they can become active ambassadors
    * Broaden the reach through partnerships - NRA, Toyota
    * Make it real for the participant, make it easy for them to give, give them a choice as to how they can donate, don't just make it all about money, make sure to close the loop - give them feedback to let them know how their donations have helped.  Segment the market for different but similar interests i.e. wildlife, water, trees, etc

They need to create specific programs

    * Create the 500 "Roadless Warriors"
          o Audition by having them tell their stories online
          o Have them meet with congressional leaders
          o Invite them to co-create the program
          o Activate them and give them the tools to do community talks, schools, etc - buzzkits
          o Get them pushing the program on MySpace & Facebook
          o Collect Video guides of our wilderness
          o Adopt an acre / Adopt a tree
          o Sponsor a tree in the name of a child - i.e. sponsor a star
          o Sponsor a tree in the name of a politician, send them a certificate, tell them that the money that they would have received will go to Wilderness instead
          o Create an imagineering experience - what would the forests look like if the roads were allowed?
          o Create a partnership with a retail company similar to the 'Save the Thai Turtles" inserts in Thai food
          o Establish a cadre of citizen journalists, get them to push the stories
          o Create a virtual forest
          o Local meetups
          o Show roads going through famous greenspaces to show the impact, i.e. through the middle of Central Park
          o Geocaching experience - encourage use of the wilderness
          o Roadless wilderness art project - GPS art
          o My space / my land
          o Set Outlook Out of Office messages to tell the story
          o Trees everyewhee - kits to turn parking meters into trees
          o In forest story project - cameras in wilderness for people to tell their stories to, throwing them straight up onto video sharing sites
          o Trees in their own words - having video of trees with either voice-overs or captions talking about the history that they've lived through.

The best tagline - "Don't let tree become Roadkill"

Slightly more 'out there ideas'

    * Drive vehicles around legislators homes to show them what it's like when a traffic goes through the forest
    * March on Washington, get the ambassadors to run them for congress.
    * "I'm a lumberjack" viral flash pasting legislators faces over the python faces, until they agree to support the project.
    * Have people dress as trees and follow politicians around

Over $200 was raised in the room for the youth center.

They decided to focus in 2 specific directions - micro donations and business field trips

Communicating only to the professional, business level, not at the local level. A simple, emotional, easy to pass along story was needed.  The kids are the ones that need to tell the story as they speak from the heart.  Get the kids to serve their own community, shadowing a local small business, adopting a local street, etc.  Have the kids put together a community show to play into the storied past of Overtown.

Close the loop, show what the donations provide.  Use social networks to go outside the Miami area, pull people in through  Facebook, MySpace, etc.

How can they get mid - large size companies to have kids shadow business people.  Have a business summit with the involvement of Alonzo Mourning (who leads the center) to talk about local revitalization.  This will provide media attention as well as generate business involvement.  Nurture these relationships.  Maybe partner with a retiree organization to get them to build a mentor program over a course of years to help the children.

1 Sky
Global warming is global, so how can they personalize the issue?

The group narrowed down their 25 ideas to one concept that they felt was the best way forward.

Encourage people to pick a crayon and send it to their elected officials.  Giving people the tools to discuss why they chose that particular color, i.e. '1 sky, my color' widgets.


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