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May 06, 2008

Online Marketing Tips: Web Analytics - Conversions, Separating Clicks & Site Search

By Li Evans

If you have been following our weekly video tips series "Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing", you'll know that I've been doing the tips, however I did mention that other SMG writers would be pitching in from time to time, especially when I'm traveling for work.

This week is one of those weeks.  Brian Cosgrove decided to step up to the plate and take a swing at making a Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing video.  This is is first time, so I'd like to give him a round of applause for trying this out.

Brian's tips focus in on web analytics.  He's got three tips that focus on Separating Clicks, Conversions & Site Search.  Take a few minutes and listen to Brian, he's got some interesting tips!



Full video transcript after the jump.

Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing Video Transcript:

Hi, welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  I'm Brian Cosgove of Avenue A Razorfish and www.searchmarktinggurus.com

Today I'll be covering the topic of web analytics and how to use it to improve your site search.  The three topics for today are:  Separate Clicks, Site Search and Conversion.

Separate Clicks:  Web analytics programs will usually bucket clicks on search results pages as organic search.  By using custom parameters in the URLs of your landing pages you may use javascript or analytics settings to let you know if those clicks come from paid search,  paid inclusions, shopping engines or other sources.  You have quite a bit of control over the landing pages of many systems that feed into the search engine results pages.

Today's tip:  Separating Clicks provides control over landing pages when using parameters to separate searches.

Site Search:   Site search is one of the best sources of information about your audience.  By looking at the terms that users type with the search you may be able to answer several questions.  Do they prefer plural or singular versions of that term.  Would they prefer to call it for example, a hat or a cap.  Is there a product you should be more actively within search.  Keep in mind context to help you better translate those terms into your search marketing campaigns.  For example a user who types the word tires in a site about tractors could probably qualify that term as "tractor tires" in the internet search.

Today's tip: Site Search provides context rich analytics for your users.

Conversion:  If you haven't defined success for a visit to your site, you wont' be able to tell what terms are are most beneficial for you.  Be proactive and set up these goals.  Also, try picking some easier intermediary goals that will help you understand terms that may be in the more investigative portion of a users internet surfing experience. Visits from these terms may feed a number of returning visits, so they are valuable to you even if they don't lead directly to sales, page views or what ever metrics define your most valuable visits. 

Today's tip:  Set up primary and secondary conversions to help you understand what these terms mean to your business.

As always you can find a transcript of this video at www.searchmarketinggurus.com.  For Avenue A Razorfish and Search Marketing Gurus, I'm Brian Cosgrove, see you next time.


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Nice post!!! useful info for us....
website won’t succeed in today’s rapidly changing online marketing environment if it’s simply a static display of information….

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