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April 03, 2008

Search Marketing World 2008: Blogs & Search

By Li Evans

Anne_greene_blogs_and_search_pane_2 Anne Greene Allagi Consulting:

  • "Just start" writing an online type journal.
  • Her whole website is built on a blogging platform, blog is dynamic, but other pages are static
  • Building the blog was easy, quick - entire website built on a blog platform, affordable
  • Day to day management - easy content management, add/remove/edit  & posts anytime, moderate comments, newsletter, database, technical knowledges/support required
  • Blogging in Practice - ideas, regularity, links in/out, comments  - it's great in many way, but you need to keep the ideas coming - once you start its really hard to stop

Summary -
    Positives:  ease of use, SEO, web and blog search engine, audience interaction, user generated content  -
    Pitfalls:  discipline, commitment, patience, time, technical competence

Dave_davis_blogs_and_search_panel_2 Dave Davis RedFly, LTD:
Links - Why they are important
    Inbound links are one of the highest factors for ranking
    All things equal how does a search engine rank two competing sites against each other
    inbound links are highest weighing factor
    links are currency of SEO
    Search engines consider a link a "Vote" for a site

Links - we need them great!
    buying links, exchanges have all lost their value

    Linkbait - works better
        any business can start a blog - but you need to think creatively, links to blogs posts are natural

Linkbait and blogs (types of linkbait)
    Free tools for your industry
    Lists (top x in your industry)
    Create Awards
    Research / White papers
    Samples / Free Demos
    Industries funnies - Conference comics
    Breaking Industry News
    Your blog's design

    Shows blendtech - "Will it blend blog" as an example of linkbait
    Shows DNSStuff.com - give away tools for free
    Shows QuickSilver - dynamite surfing - creating innovative ways to surf
    Mentions IceCream Ireland   
Be careful when linkbaiting - reputation, not all linkbait works, but its still great content for your blog
Always link to your sources  .. it helps!
Make sure you link to other bloggers selflessly, some may repay the kindness.
Blogging builds links, and creating useful content generates links as well.

Richard_hearne_blogs_and_search_pan Richard Hearne - Red Cardinal
Blogs cover a lot of area.
1.  Voyeurism - people can see what you are doing.
2.  Comparing Blogs to static Corporate "Vanilla" Sites
                                         Corporate Site         Blog
    Publisher                        Company                 Person
    Purpose                          Product Sales           Brand Building
    Content                          Promotional             Editorial
    Content Velocity              One Hit                   Frequent
    Delivery                          Pull                         Push
    Communication               Follow Through        Interactive
    Discovery                        Hopeful                   Automation

3. Does Architect Matter?
                                               Corporate Site                    Blog
    Paths                                   Single                                 Multiple
    Categorism                          Sometimes                         Often
    Semantic Coding                  Rare                                    Optimal
    Pre-Distribution                   Hectic                                  Controllable
    Internal Linking                    Static                                  Dynamic
    Page Updates                        Rare                                   With Comments
    Inter Site Relationships         Unknown                             Easy to find: Trackbacks

4.  Offiste Attributes
                                             Corporate Site                    Blog
    Deep Links                            Rare                                Often
    Inter Site Relations             Unknown                            Trackbacks
    Network Effects                  Rare                                   Content
    Syndication                          News                                 Content
    Link Worthy                         Unlikely                             Exceptionally

5.  Some Theory on how the search engines view blogs....
    "Blog posts have inherit level of seriousness" ... from a Google patent application
    Search engines can tell what's a blog and what isn't
    Comments help keep blog posts fresh

6.  Corporate blogs done right:  Hitwise's blog.  Plush data from their tool, helps build brand.


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