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April 03, 2008

Search Marketing World 2008: Social Media the New Online Medium

By Li Evans

Vanessa_fox_social_media_panel_sear Vanessa Fox:
Why Get Involved with Social Media?
    Deeper engagement with customers
    Get insights not available any there way
    Your customers are online already
Happier Customer > Provide Feedback > Create Better Products > Evangelize > More Customers

Social Networking is Anywhere People are Talking Online
YouTube, Yahoo Answers, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Niche Forums
Verticals - social shopping, real estate, lawyers
No matter what you do - there's likely a social media niche for you.

Social Media Submissions -
Mixx, Sphinn, Digg - this likely goes back to the keynote about social media being a fad.  These most people think about as a place for links. 

Rating & Reviews
Yelp, Epinions, Amazon - whether its negative or positive you want to know what's going on

Technorati uses it to know about outages, Dell for it's outlet promotions, NYTimes for Stories, Southwest Airlines for specials, Vanity searches on your name

Dell - Ideastorm
Helps with Dell's customer research, the community decides what Dell should work on next

Not a good place yet for advertising, but growing.  Mostly use it for brand awareness rather than paid advertising.

Evolve What You Do Already
    Assess your customers
    Who Are They
    Where are they

Have a Plan
    What are your goals
    What are your guidelines
    What will you measure

What Not To Do:
Flogs - Walmart RV Across America
Dell:  Told bloggers to take something down - only inflamed the situation

Social Media helps you improve your conversation audience

Per Jacobsson from Nimble.ie

Nimble is Ireland's own social networking site
Re-launched in Sept. 07
109,00 members in Ireland
New , fun and exciting design and functionality
For Advertisers:  sponsor functions, corporate profiles, banner advertising
Nimble's future:  several hundred thousand users in Ireland, adding more fun stuff to the website, looking for partners and advertisers

Social Networking in general
It's local activity after all
Future holds integration between sites - 3rd party developers are already doin this
Social networking websites are a new media
The m ore successful networks fully utilize the networks of friends

Search Marketing
    Tested radio, college magazine some web pages
    By far most effective:  viral networking; friends inviting friends
    15% of users through search engines (Google) but search terms have not been interesting: "nimble" "nimble.ie" www.nimble.ie, etc.

Will_mcinnes_social_media_panel_sea Will McInnes from Nixon McInnes
5 facts
    1.  We're dealing in a networked world
    2.  You are not in control
    3.  If you are thinking about your website being a destination site, you're dreaming  (think about the distributed world)
    4.  Social Media isn't just for kids anymore, 55% of users to YouTube is over 25 - it's not about kids!
    5.  Content is free, glitz and glamor (Craig's lists) don't matter

    1.  idea storm from dell - the community promotes ideas.  from this dell has cut out focus group.  creates a buzz in the market before products even come to market
    2.  ratings and reviews - huge opportunities.  own it and host it before someone else does  (negative reviews actually helps, people are cynical,  people set expectations and that helps with return rates dropping)
    3.  start listening to the networks & conversations - use Google alerts.  know who the influencers are in your marketer
    4.  widgets - helps to deliver your message out to a wider audience

Networked world, Not in control, Not big destinations, demographics are excitingly broad and dynamics.


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Hi Vanessa,

Great inventory and perspective on the different social media tools and how they are evolving. Thanks for the call out of Dell's Ideastorm and Dell outlet on twitter. Just so you know, we have also added ratings and reviews to dell.com. Also have a YouTube channel as well as StudioDell

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