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April 03, 2008

Search Marketing World 2008: Online PR & Search

By Li Evans

Online_pr_panel_search_marketing_wo Michelle Goodall- E-consultancy
What is Online PR and can you really claim to do it?
    Its about taking press releases and optimizing them for the web .... but it's much more than that
    SEO PR area where PR meets SEM in only part of the story
    OPR is much more than developing optimised content and building links
    Its about
        Managing reputations
        Creating buzz and word of mouth
        Identifying advocated and detractors
        Identifying issues and trends
        Managing information flow
        Successful integration with all of the forms of marketing disciplines

What is Online Public Relations
    Opportunity to Listen to your publics in a way we could have never imagines
    Opportunity to indetify influencers related to your brand
    Opportunity to engage with multiple stake holders in relevant and exciting ways
    Opportunity to measure outputs outtakes and outcomes of your engagements                        

Lots of disciplines:
    Marketing PR, Media relations
    Corporate PR
    Public Affairs
    Investor Relations
    Crisis and Issue Management
    Sector Specific

Think broadly across 3 categories
    Monitor /Map / Research

    Underpinned with Transparency, Honesty and Integrity

The PR Toolbox is massive, but with online PR that toolbox has gotten even bigger

Why haven't PR Agencies sewn this up?
    Slow adaption of web technologies
    Challenges to PR Models - transparent, authentic, rapid messaging
    Measurement and accountability
    Led by consumer technology agencies and a handful of experts
    Senior skills issue - limited support from PR associations
    PR mapping and measurement models limited (old ways are not effective)
    Unclear about value and charging structures
    PR clients often defer online PR budgets and strategic control

Opportunities for Search Marketers
    Monitor/Map/Research, Promotional and Defensive

    Understand the breadth of the discipline
    Focus on SEO PR or buy in PR skills/develop them through training
    Develop a reputation monitory solution
    Develop social media / PR measurement models
    Clear charging structures

Who owns Online PR?  Fight is going to start!  Its up to SEM to step up

Eoin_kennedy_slattery_communication Eion Kennedy - Slattery Communications
What's holding back adoption??  What PR has to offer?  Why the rush?  Tools for use now.  What's is possible, Case studies.

Exposure - PR people are good at getting this.  PR people could hide behind the spokespeople
Online PR has changed this and makes them uncomfortable
Instant Feedback also makes PR people uncomfortable
PR people have a fear of technology
Age profile
Networking - online this is totally different as compared to the normal way for networking
Information overload - RSS Feeds, online news, etc.
Fear & ignorance - refusing to invest in things like Facebook, etc.

What PR has to offer
    content generations
    Engagement /Debate
    Problem solving

Why Rush?
    Traditional media constricting
    Channels not relevant
    Media Rich Demand
    Others will eat our lunch

Whats on offer now?
    PR Newswire
    Click Press
    Feed Demon
But moving to...
    2nd Life
    Yahoo Delicious   

SEO Press Releases
    Case Study - Redmere Technology
    Worked with Newswire and UK based Businesswire
        Within 30 minutes of putting the press release out through these, Google picked up
        Spike in traffic

Repak Case Study
    started a blog, outside their website
    They feared comments in the beginning
    Trained them, reworked press release material and material that wasn't good for PRs
    Felt they were missing out and joined up on Bebo to engage that "generation"
    Bebo site with white board drawing competitions, polls, quizzes, advice section photos, videos and blog
    Daily update of site with new material per day
    Built out friends network
    Creation of a YouTube video featuring the making of customised "blinged" BringBanks by students
    Daily posting on Repak Blog   
    Results for Recycling Week Promotion:    11,00 visitors, 41 entries, over 760 friends, 200 comments, 307 quizzes, over 500 polls, international hits, over 100 views video, endorsement, 10  entries ion blog, media coverage
    When they changed their logo on Bebo from the traditional boring one, to the one of these twins - traffic spiked phenomenally

Rob Reid - Cybercom
Right now search marketing is changing faster than ever before and so is Public Relations
The consumer is driving the demand for change
    people are consuming media differently today
    broadband has meant that they are consuming richer media now than ever before
    Google has recognized this and introduced universal search
    this will follow in Ireland and throughout Europe

Search Marketing - Online PR - Social Media
    All converging - SEO. PP, links, video, photos, podcasting - blogger relations, coporate blogging, seeding RSS Feeds - community development, widget development

Universal search is the convergence point of this change
    universal search is where online PR social media and search marketing are becoming intrinsically linked
    Shows the KFC/Taco bell video result of the Rat Video

    SEO works effectively for press release visibility as it does for website visibility

Social Bookmarking
    Make sure all of your website's content is tagged with social  bookmarks
    This content can be found through regular searches as well as sites like digg, delicious

Video & Photo SEO
    Search engines don't see actual images so tagging these make them more visible to search engines

Understand the shift in consumer habits before developing your Online PR strategy
    Digital in not just a new marketing channel - its about a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour


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Very impressed with the rapid turnaround on your report. Imagine you must have had tired fingers by end of the day

Excellent, detailed wrapup, Li.

Just add Keynote and you've got a perfect presentation.

A couple of comments in regard to the PR industry and adoption. I worked with PRWeb.com for a few years, and found some interesting insights into the adoption of online PR:

1) The old-line folks appear to want to keep the "good 'ol boys" clubs going - which is all fine and dandy, but it means they lose quite a bit of reach by keeping their message "inside the firewall".

2) SEO of press releases is something that I believe David McInnis of PRWeb (and now of www.Cranberry.com) initiated as far back as 1998. I used the platform back then and was able to achieve search results on NorthernLight and AOL even back then.

3) As David Meerman-Scott profiled in his excellent book "The New Rules of PR and Advertising" (available here: http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/books.htm or as a free PDF download at http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/products_ebooks.htm ) the PR industry and marketing have been overlapping for decades. The difference is now there is enough clarity and less obfuscation to confuse the markets. PR is Advertising (just don't tell anyone).

4) I STILL receive direct sales from online press releases I created as far back as 2003. These act as almost long-form sales pages (a rich landing page of sorts). Once firms realize how to manage their online media assets and put them to work, a whole new world opens up.

5) Universal Search changes everything... except SEO Best Practices now apply more than ever... and to more of your online digital assets. If you're a PR person, you now have many more elements you can play with in regards to Photowire Images, Podcasts, Video, Press Release Attachments, etc...

Excellent writeup, and good to see progress contnuing to be made.

Warm regards,
Mark Alan Effinger

To promote business, Online PR is most effective way. For online press release you need to write articles on global level, good title and excellent content are important in press release promotion.

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