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March 17, 2008

SES New York: Video Made the SMB Star (Kelsey Group Track)

By Li Evans

Video_made_smb_star Steve Espinosa - eLocal Listing, LLC
Frank Rocco - EZ Show, Inc.
Andrew Bennett - TurnHere
Peter Goldstein - Mixpo
Mike Boland - Kelsey Group (Moderator)

Mike:  Users are coming to expect Video as part of their search results. 

Frank Rocco:
EZ Show makes it easy for advertisers to create a "spot".   Do It Yourself, build and post flash advertisement.    First can use video clips with background music and graphis.  Images can be assembled with panning affects.  All based on a login, can select length - 30, 45 or 60 second video.  Then assemble the add, with their stock or your own.  The user interface is really simple to use (Frank demonstrating it).  Last steps let you add keywords & contact information www.ezshowstudio.com.

Voice overs are offered as well, both stock and scripted voices overs.  Getty is one of the stock photo providers.  Exclusivity by geographically, anything generic won't be repeated in that market place.

Andrew Bennett:
platform of over 3k film makers, produce videos in over 50 countries.  People know they want video content but don't know how to do it.  Travel videos, How to Videos, etc., style - 1st person documentary style.  Signature TurnHere style, visible first person, non-actor narrator to height authenticity and believability.  Mini documentary style.

Yellow pages, super pages - merchant profiles.  Try to capture passion.  In the past small business couldn't afford media buys, and the supply wasn't there for this small market.  Now it's much more cost effect - connected this supply and demand.  Shows and example of Nic's Martini Lounge, and before when search for him, it was just a link, now, this video shows.

These videos  help drive sales and branding. do a search for "Peanut Butter & Company"  in New York, shows results in Google maps.  They work with the IYP's, and this is how they are coming up.  The video is "the content", not like pre-roll ads. 

Peter Goldstein:
Platform, enables video advertising for SMBs.  Video is all about conversion.   Measurements and analytics, using video to enable search.  57% of Consumers moved closer to a transaction after watching a video.

Mixpo is about publishers, work with newspaper groups, radio and tv stations.  they are "behind the scenes"

Use "flex"- next iteration of flash.

Testimonials work quite well.  Promotionals, and they have "booknow" buttons, overlays - clicking right on the video, you can go right to the sponsors' page.

A lot of people are creating their own video and putting it into Mixpo.  Also create videos with pictures, easy to do with Mixpo's interface.  Re-purposed Videos, created a long time before, with their tool, can add overlays.  "mike shaw video"

Video enabled landing pages.  Push out to 10-12 video search engines.

Mixpo has a really in-depth analytics panel, that tracks conversions from the video.  They are able to tell what's happening in the video that's creating the conversion.  Shows geographical conversions and views.  Shows what sites they are coming from as well.

Mixpo has stock and you create your own abilities.  Overlays are easy to put in, customized very easy.

Video_smb_star Steve Espinosa:

Take videos for small business and get them plugged in for universal search.  find most effective platforms for small business. 

Yahoo, Google both have videos.  Yahoo & Google Locals will both eventually show these.  3.2 more time likely if you have video and a local listing.

Google TVAds, Big Exposure for Small Business, reach thousands of people with small budgets - Viewers not Spots

Google AdWords feature Video - Goolge Adwords video = Higher CTR.  "Build it and they will come" 

Each industry is different - attention thresholds, especially on SERPS.  They aren't going to watch for 3 minutes. 

"Calls not Clicks"  You Phone number is more important than the website.  Make sure its ready for the big leagues, TV Ready.  Make it viral, put a twist to it.

Optimizing - SWF file when possible.  Do NOT use ActiveX Controls inside movies.  Google's not compatible.  Video Sitemaps - utilize Google video sitemaps and available variables  (phone number as thumbnail).  Host Your Own Video.  "Branding Branding Branding".  Build a page for each video you produce.

Link from your index page to your video (and no, not just in the footer), optimize that page.

Free tools - Website Optimizer, and analytics.  video too long, video placement - Google website optimizer helps you with placement.


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