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February 01, 2008

Women of Internet Marketing Series - So What's Going to Happen

By Li Evans

Womenofinternetmarketing Before I jump into what's going to happen to the Women of Internet Marketing Series, I want to take a few moments and thank all of you who emailed, messaged and spoke to me directly.  All of your encouragement and support is very much appreciated by me.  I had been feeling very jaded, very skeptical and didn't want that to influence my decision to end the series if it had come to that.  All of you had wonderful words of encouragement, insight, support and true enlightenment for me, and for that I'll be forever thankful.

I feel at this point I need to set a few things out there to the audience so you can understand where the decision to have a survey came from.  I mentioned that I'm dealing with family issues and since some where along the line "some" were skeptical of this I'll explain. 

Specifically, my father has a tumor in his esophagus which is cancerous and needs to be removed.  For anyone who's dealt with a family member with cancer, it's a scary thing - a lot of wait and see, but also a lot of urgency.  When you deal with that, and then you get insults about a series you do - not for yourself, but to highlight other people and their accomplishments, and those insults and negative comments are mean spirited and really rather rude, it makes you want to take a step back and think.  It makes you wonder, "Is that the majority opinion?  If it is, why should I bother with all this on my plate?"

So rather than become jaded by everything being thrown in my direction, I decided to find a new center of gravity, a new focus.  Thus the survey was launched, and an email sent out asking for feedback.  The response I got was utterly amazing.  One response even brought tears to my eyes.  To know that you've brought a positive impact into someone else's life is a power thing, and honestly - something like that wipes away the effect of all the negativity.  So thank you to all who responded by email, phone and survey - you all helped me to find my center of gravity again!

Now, you are probably saying "OK Li, get to the point!", so I will with out further rambling.

The Women of Internet Marketing Series is going to continue, however I'll be re-tooling it around to make things a bit more interesting, and also hoping to give some more unique perspectives on the women interviewed.  So here's what's changing:

  • Series will move to become a bi-weekly column appearing on Wednesdays
  • There will be two interviews on these bi-weekly Wednesday publications
  • Each interview will be it's own post  (I'm going to attempt to go back and break out each of the prior interviews in the same manner)
  • Each week, I will do one of the interview, then on an alternating basis Brian Cosgrove and brand new SMG Writer Julie Joyce will be doing the second interview.
  • Due to the rather long list of women (yes it was great feedback!) we will not be re-interviewing prior women - we might post updates, and I will be updating blog locations on our women's blog list
  • Due to the rather long list of women (again great feedback!) we will limit our interviews to only 2 women from one company.  This way we can give a lot of different women from all areas a chance to be interviewed.
  • We will be asking each women who's interviewed to suggest two other women to be interviewed going forward.
  • We will be adding focus on women in Online PR, Programming, Usability, Affiliate Marketing and Web Design .. therefore.....
  • I'm still contemplating changing the name - any feedback on that would be great - just comment on this post

So would you like to see the results of the survey?  I thought so!

Do You Enjoy the Women of Internet Marketing Series?


Do You Think the Series Should Remain Weekly or Move to Bi-Weekly?


Do You Think the Women of Internet Marketing Should Continue?


I also got some great feedback for new questions, and people asking for women to be interviewed who already have been.  I'm going to do a specific post about that in the next week, so in the mean time you know where to find the posts - just check out the Women of Internet Marketing category here on SMG.


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"Women of the Internet" still fits as a name. Just because we are going to add our sisters from UX, design, affiliates, etc.... they still are the movers and shakers make the Internet what it is!

Li - also, thanks SO much for finding a way to continue this series.

First, Li.... Let me just start off my saying that my prayers are with you, your father and the rest of your family during this trying time. I will be praying that his recovery is quick and as pain free as possible. Thank you for sharing with us a bit of what you are going through. I'm sure many of your readers, including myself, would like to offer you support in some way. You know how to contact me.... let me know if there is anything I can do for you. :)

Secondly, I'm thrilled to hear that the Women of Internet Marketing Series is continuing. I always enjoying reading the interviews and getting to know the other women in the industry through your interviews.

Oh, and welcome Julie Joyce to Search Marketing Gurus. She's another great blogger and I'm sure will add even more fun flavor to the interviews.


Thanks Shana! I was so thrilled when Li asked me that I couldn't type "YES" fast enough.

And to both you and Meg, I'd like to say thanks for supporting the series. As everyone knows, Liana really works her bottom off on this and it's nice to see that people really do appreciate all her hard work. Personally, the interviews have been one of my favorite posts to read each week and I'm really glad that they will continue.

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