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January 23, 2008

Women of Internet Marketing Series - Will The Show Go On? It's All Up To You!

By Li Evans

Womenofinternetmarketing Sometimes we all can get to a point in life where we wonder whether or not we should let a good thing end, change it to "revive" it or continue to push on.  I've found myself right in that spot with the Women of Internet Marketing Series, especially after a few rather "not so nice" comments have been thrown in this direction about it.

The last few weeks, I've also been dealing with some family issues that have taken precedent over moving on with more interviews.  Quite frankly, dealing with the issues with my family and then those comments, make me even wonder if I should continue interviewing more women each week?  Basically what it comes down too, is it worth dedicating the time into putting together each week, two interviews if I'm going to get grief/insults/sly remarks and have to deal with family issues on top of it all?

However, please keep in mind, I'm not really one to let things get me down for too long.  I don't do this article series for me, I do it to allow you the audience to meet women from our industry that you might not have gotten to know otherwise.  I like shining the light and giving credit to these hard working, successful and always very gracious women because they deserve it.

So, my audience members of Search Marketing Gurus, I leave this decision, totally up to you, right now I don't feel I could make a fair judgment call (being stressed and a bit jaded can do that to ya!).  If you would like the show to go on  or to end, please take the time to take the Women of Internet Marketing survey.  I'll leave this survey up for one week (until 9 p.m. on 1/29/08) and report the results back next Wednesday.


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Ignore the idiotic knuckleheads (replace the word 'knuckleheads' with the insult of your choice). They are unworthy of even a second thought. You do a great job with the series. Stop the series if you want to, but NOT because of the idiots, please.

Li, Please don't stop this series. It's just so sad when great people who bring so much to the table get thwarted by negative comments. I can't believe how many people lately, in the SEO world and elsewhere, have been damaged by the words of a handful of people who don't really represent 99.5% of the people who enjoy and benefit from the messenger.

I've been looking for something exactly like this so just stay focused and strong - don't be deterred from the goal because of what others may think or say - this is a much needed series.

Li, I can totally appreciate that you're needing time off, and are feeling like it may have have run its course. I must have totally missed the nasty comments about the series, because admittedly I don't always keep up with it, but I do check in from time to time, usually before shows, and the ladies lunch events so that i can get to know 1 or 2 people i didn't know before.

Just because it doesn't hit the first page of Sphinn doesn't mean we aren't interested. It's just not the type of article that is meant for that.

I think doing the series has inherent value for the industry and women within it. Just retool it so that it works for you, both in the short term & long term. Maybe do it once a month, forget about bi-weekly or weekly. Pick just one woman to feature so you stretch it out. Have a guest 'interviewer' or writer to do the series occaisonally - you've earned the time off!

This series is one of the things that I look forward to the most each week. Anyone who comments negatively about it is an imbecile. Period.

Great Post! Cheers!

Please don't stop this series…This Women of internet marketing Series is awesome. I really feel very bad about the negative comments…Hope everyone will give you the positive feedback in the survey….All the best…

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