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January 10, 2008

Best Blogs of 2007 You're Not Reading | Quiet Blogs That Make Big Noise

By Li Evans

Smglinkroundup Here at Search Marketing Gurus we have no fancy badges, nor polling going on, and no contests.  But what we do have is a huge boat load of admiration and respect for professionals in this industry and its fringes and the work they do.  I wanted to take some time out today to recognize some really great colleagues in this industry who have great blogs that just seem to be missed time & time again for recognition of the hard work and contributions they give.

There's a lot of great writing and information being shared out there, beyond the blogs that are constantly referred to, and linked to.  These folks are doing great things, sharing great insights and I'd like to give them a round of applause for their efforts and contributions, and I'd like to share the links to their blogs with all of you.

I can't take credit for every one listed here, I asked a few of my colleagues and some of the crew from SMG to pitch in with their "hidden treasures", but all of them are now in my reader, the few that I didn't have.

Search/Social Industry News

"All Around" Search Marketing Blogs

  •   SEO & Usability
  • PPC

    Web Analytics

    Social Media

    PR & the Web / Reputation Management

    General Blogging

    Corporate Blogging


    Niche Blogging

    Honorary Crabby Pamphlets Category

    We'll be updating out blogroll this weekend to include these blogs in our listing as well as revamping it a bit, so stop back next week and check it out.  And who knows maybe one of these day's we'll come up with a funky badge to hand out. :)


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    Thank you so much, Li for including me on your "Best Blogs of 2007 your not reading" list. I'm honored to be on the list with the other amazing bloggers.

    Thank you so much.

    Shana Albert

    Wow! Heck of an honor to be considered on this list. Thank you so much for the hat tip.

    Shana your blog is great your view on social media is a great perspective and people should know about your blog! :)

    Hope this helps a few more people turn on to your wise insights!

    There's a heck of a lot of people in this industry that should be reading your blog and aren't. You're truly one of the visionaries that straddles PR and Online Marketing with expertise that's next to none. :)

    Not only you've no fancy badges, the lack of a "Crabby Pamphlets" category is a shame, and you didn't link "SearchRank by David Wallace"! ;)

    Seriously, you've compiled a nice list of great minds. Thanks. :)

    Sebastian -
    Fixed on both accounts! ;)

    Thanks for pointing out David's link missing - Typepad can be screwy sometimes, i had it linked originally! *shakes fists at typepad gods*

    Crabby Pamphlets now make the list complete :)

    Thanks so much for the mention Li...really appreciated. :)

    When you put your heart, soul and money into your profession, and make personal sacrifices for it, it's hard when awards sites don't acknowledge it or even know you're there.

    Being included on this list means a lot to me, Li. Thank you so much.

    Marty & Kim -
    Both of you put so much time, energy and tender loving care into your blogs. It's about time someone gave you a round of applauds! :)

    Kim... why no one nominated your blog is a mystery. I myself am guilty, I didn't nominate a soul, just too busy. So I wanted to do this personally - you do a darn good job!

    Heh. Thank you Li, that's awesome ego food! :)

    Well it is nice to see Seb finally got his category. He was simply insufferable during the Colombo Awards...

    Always a pleasure being on the list with these fine folks... and a few I didn’t know, were added to the reader (not that I needed more lol)

    Thanks for the goodiness all-round :0)

    Dave - the FireHorse

    Thank you. I am flattered. There are so many great voices and ideas...I can't get enough.

    I agree, Geoff and Kami are brilliant. I am so lucky to have such great teachers and inspiration.

    Great wrap up Li! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Definitely worth a bookmark. :-)

    - Christine

    I'll never figure out where you get the time to read and write so much, Li.

    Thanks for the shout and exposing me to new, great content :-)


    Thanks for including me under Niche Blogs. It's been so long since anyone commented on my blog I wasn't sure anyone was noticing. It's nice to get some love!

    Great list, probably a few I should add to my feed reader

    Thank you so much for the honor to be included on the list above. I'll check out all the other honorees. You guys rock!

    Hi, Li! Thanks for adding me to your list! Always nice to get noticed. ;)

    Wow, thanks so much for including me in this list. There are many on the list that I don't know. So, I look forward to getting around to see some of them. As for a badge, I would wear it with pride. ;-)

    Small nitpick, my last name is spelled Huyse, though even my four-year-old son can't get it right, he think our last name is Puyse (lol).

    Thanks for including us on your list!

    What a great news year gift! Thanks for including Diva Marketing among this group of talented bloggers.

    Thanks so much for the shout-out guys! I can't believe I'm only the same list as so many other blogs that I read?!

    Wow! I am very pleased to find Every Dot Connects on this list with some of my favorite blogs. Thanks for including us, Li.

    Dang, the antman is all warm and fuzzy inside. We blog because it's fun, we have a passion for cre8Buzz and helpin' get people exposure for their good information. Awards and recognition always catch us off guard. So from me, the Antman and all of us at cre8Buzz . . . THANKS!!!! Ya the bomb. Mad props from all of us. Peace Li!

    BTW: Why ain't you on the buzz yet? Did ya see we came in second in Mashables' Open Web Awards for best Niche Misc Social Network? We got an SEO community just waitin' for someone like you to get started! :)

    Wow, what a compliment! THIS is an outstanding blog - I know many of the blogs cited here and the list is full of power, folks. In the end, we're all in this together. Power to the people who blog! Cheers to everyone!

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