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December 06, 2007

So You Want to Be a Search Marketer at Search Engine Strategies in Chicago

By Li Evans

Kevin Ryan (moderator of panel)
I like to call this "the panel for my mom, cuz she's still waiting for me to get a real job".  This is a group of entrepreneurs who've come together to tell you the ups and downs of being a search marketer.

Dave Davies  (CEO Beanstalk)
To Do's

  •     Hire a great lawyer and an accountant, lawyers help you make sure the contracts are air tight.
  •     Stick to your strength, pick your strongest skill and be excellent.
  •     Take Care During Growth, only hire what you need, not what you want
  •     Watch your stats, and keep researching your market position

To Don'ts

  •     Don't be over optimistic
  •     Don't try to do everything
  •     Hire Friends
  •     Rest on your laurels, they will get crushed

#1 Tip - Love What You Do!

David Wallace  (CEO SearchRank)
Dave is presenting from the viewpoint of first doing SEO for his own sites, then offering it to others.
Today there's many ways to learn about search marketing:

  •     Free Resources - guides, blogs, etc.
  •     eBooks
  •     Online Courses
  •     Conferences


  •     Choose your niche - something that interests you but not highly competitive
  •     Secure a Domain Name
  •     Establish Web Site - Design yourself, hire a designer or use a template

Networking & Branding

  •     Develop Business Partnerships
  •     Network Online With Search Marketers
  •     Network in "Real Life" with Everyone

Branding Yourself

  •     Write Articles
  •     Participate in Forums
  •     Participate in Social Media
  •     Establish a Blog

Not To Do's

  •     Don't spam forums and blog comments
  •     Don't steal other's content or sales copy
  •     Don't come off as a know it all
  •     Don't promise what you can't deliver
  •     No matter what color hat you wear, don't be unethical in your business practices.

Nicole St. Martin  (Hot Gigs Jobs to Web)

  •     No college degree is required
  •     A Lot of Employment Flexibility
  •     Salaries are Lucrative
  •     Skill are Portable & Global

Great Time to be a Search Marketers

  •     "War for Talent"
  •     There's no new graduate pool

What skills are Needed

  •     Technical skills are needed
  •     Soft skills are just as important

Where Do I Learn?

  • HighRankings, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Standard, Top Rank, Online Marketing Blog

Never be afraid to around yourself with people who know more than you

David Hoffman - (Search Smart Marketing)
Five Rules for Dating My Client (Partnering with Agencies, Web Developers, PR Firms & others)
Sign a PreNup (sign an NDA)

  •     Mutual Non-disclosure agreements should protect both parties
  •     Put agency's mind at ease
  •     Make sure you READ before you sign

Don't Disrespect the Family

  •     Meet deadlines
  •     Live up to their standards
  •     Establish guidelines for client contact

Earn Their Trust

  •     Exceed expectations
  •     Provide education: lunchtime seminars, pertinent articles
  •     Don't "nickel & dime"  make sure things are priced out and set early on

Be Discreet About Dating Others

  •     Working with multiple agencies can become dicey
  •     Avoid client conflicts
  •     Be wary of exclusivity

Keep Everyone Happy

  •     Make sure it's worth their while
  •     Make sure it's worth it's worth your while


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