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November 05, 2007

Green Week at NBC Universal - TV Marketing Aligns with Online Marketing Seamlessly

By Li Evans

Nbc_green_is_universal_week Last night as I watched in utter agony as the Eagles got trounced by the Cowboys, I was struck by the efforts of NBC marketing it's "Green Week".  Not only is the network promoting this through the Today Show, but it's permeating throughout everything NBC is doing this week, including sporting events such as Sunday Night Football and even to the local affiliates.  They even managed to point out the Eagles "Go Green" project during the game last night, lead by Christina Lurie, and it's the most active in the NFL (hey at least the Eagles are doing something right this season!).

Regular shows such as Chuck, Heroes and Life all have special programming.  However, it just doesn't end there.  It moves over to other NBC Universal, Inc. owned properties such as USA Networks, Bravo and Sci Fi Channels.  Shows like Monk. Flash Gordon and Real Housewives all are participating.  It's actually pretty neat to see not just one major network but at least 3 others kicking into promoting this effort.  At NBC's "Green is Universal" site, there's a whole list of networks and shows that are participating.

NBC's Green Week goes way beyond just changing the well known colorful peacock logo they have to be green, the websites all have changed to reflect the marketing of the effort as well.  Beyond the colors changing there's an entire subset of information around Green Week available.

Today_show_ends_of_the_earth I think you are getting the "green" picture here.  This had to take some very strategic planning months in advance.  Dealing with huge conglomerates is tough enough, let alone having to deal with a lot of TV shows and crossing channels like they have, but they have done it seamlessly.  How many times as an online marketing have I found myself frustrated with companies not making sure all advertising channels are in the loop together?  Enough that I've lost count on my fingers and toes.

Cheers to NBC Universal, what a great job on this effort, one well worth every minute and dollar spent pulling it all together!

For some added fun to push awareness of the "Green" efforts, there's a relatively new green social network.  Check out "Do The Green Thing", and watch the video that launches with the site, it's rather hilarious!


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Stupid! I've just deprogrammed NBC, BRAVO, USA, Sci-Fi from my remote. First of all I'm fed up with all the pop ups and ghost ads. Now they want me to contend with a lime green logo???

NBC - put your money where your mouth is. NOT MORE PRIVATE JETS for ANY NBC employee or celebrity or personality. Zip, nada, zero. Until that initial first step is taken, don't preach to me about my incandescent bulbs.

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