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September 22, 2007

Web Analytics 2.0, Clean Scores, Monkeys Automating SEO, Human Donkey Kong and Much More!

By Li Evans

Smglinkroundup I haven't done a link round up in a while, mostly because during the past few months, I wasn't enjoying search that much or reading as much as I use to.  *gasp*  Yes, it was true, my prior day job had me really not liking what I was doing anymore and I was avoiding my Google Reader like the plague.  But working for people who love search, are passionate about it, understand it and don't want to just use it as stop gap measure to later manipulate it into some commodity that should be sold to the highest bidder, makes a world of difference! :)

So, I've been gathering some links all week, that I wanted to share with the SMG audience.

  • Think_different_web_analytics_20jim Avinash has a great video out on his blog, not only that, he's got an awesome post to go along with it.  In both the video and the post Avinash talks about introducing the concept of Web Analytics 2.0

    No that isn't exactly saying analytics on web 2.0 technologies, it's more of a concept of how web analytics is evolving.  He also talks about his book, which by the way is another great read.  If you don't have it, go out and get it, Avinash even donates the proceeds he makes to charity when you buy the book through his site.  (and yes, that's Jim Sterne in the image, I loved it and wanted to share with this link info)
  • Speaking of videos, my buddy Mike Grehan was interviewed by Ralph Wilson of Web Marketing today.  Mike put the video interview up on his site, so you can watch it from Mike's post.  Ralph emailed me right after SES with a slew of videos including some really funny ones asking SES attendees some really funny questions, unfortunately until now I didn't have the opportunity to really share them.  Ralph's got a Web Marketing Today channel out on you tube, that is easy to subscribe too.  He's got interviews with Catherine Seda, Andrew Goodman, and John Marshall just to name a few, so go out and check them out.
  • Not great with Photoshop?  Is attempting to draw stick figures is a major catasrophe?  Oils & Acrylics just not your thing?  So you think making your own logo is out of the question?  Not anymore! Sean P. Aune over at Mashable has put together a list of 20 sites that can help you create logos, avatar and even fav icons.
  • Alright I might be just a little biased, but two great articles I want to share, one from my co-worker, and one from my boss.  Bill Slawski's got a neat article on his SEO By The SEA blog entitled "20 More Ways the Search Engines May ReRank Search Results".  Christine Churchill's asking on Search Engine Land's Small is Beautiful Column, is it "Time for a Site Redesign".  Both articles are very thought provoking and well worth the read.
  • Business2_magazine_front My favorite magazine, the one that I actually bought, you know a real magazine (glossy pages and all), printed it's last monthly run.  Business 2.0 has folded up.  There's been a lot said about why, but I think Mark Glaser of Media Shift says it best in his post "Business 2.0 Closed Due to Corporate Neglect, Ad Woes". This magazine put out some really great stuff, it's why I was a subscriber, and when I wasn't I'd buy the magazine on the new stands.  Luckily the staff still have jobs, most are being moved into Fortune's staff.  However, one person isn't.  Erick Schonfield is taking a position at Tech Crunch as its co-editor with Michael Arrington. Rest in Peace, Business 2.0, you'll be missed!
  • Along with Loren asking if SEO can be automated, both Lisa Barone with "You Can't Automate Search Engine Optimization" and David Wallace with "SEO So Easy a Monkey Can Do It, or Can They?" have chimed in with excellent articles.  I'm with both Lisa and David's frame of mind when it comes to this subject.  Despite what's been said in the comments on Loren's post about what was meant by the page Loren quoted, the idea and pursuit of automating SEO is in part the major reason for leaving my last position.
  • Clean_cores_logo This one if for those germ-a-phobes, neat freaks and white glove wearers out there.  CleanScores, is the site for you.  CleanScores rates restaurants on their cleanliness.  It bases it's score card on the inspections each restaurant gets from the government 2-3 times a year.  The goal of CleanScores is to help decrease illness caused by food.  Currently though, it's only available in San Francisco.  I'm sure hoping it comes to Philly soon, maybe the Bill and the crew at PhillyFoodGuys could hook up with them?!
  • Human Donkey Kong GameAnd last, but by no means certainly least - see I leave the really funny stuff for last.  If you think Johnny Knoxville has it all going on with Jackass, think again!  Jesus Diaz, over at Gizmodo found a treat for us, a real life, Donkey Kong game. No, I'm serious, really I am, they even made the dude dress up like Mario.  And yes, I laughed when the guy got hit on the head with a barrel or two.  Go on, you know you wanna watch, it's just like a "train wreck" that you can't help but watch happen.

So that's it on the links folks, at least for this time around!  If you didn't know, I share links from my Google reader with the SMG audience, and also have a OPML list available of the blogs I do read (yes, I am reading them again!), so check them out on occasion if you are interested in what's going on not only in search, but in the tech world too.


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