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July 12, 2007

Web Analytics Tip: Where Is My Organic Search Traffic Landing?

By Alex Cohen

Okay, you've listened to smart people like Li and Mike Grehan and are hacking away at your SEO.  Is it working?  Of course, answering that question is more involved, but I'm going to share a couple of quick tips about tackling that at the page level using Google Analytics (I'm not biased toward one tool or another; it's just easiest to use Li's blog as an example).  I'm going to talk about two simple reports:

  1. Top landing pages for organic search traffic
  2. Organic keywords by page

1. Top Landing Pages For Organic Search Traffic
50% of Search Marketing Guru's traffic for the past 30 days is from natural search!  So, where are all of those people going?  As always, first select the date range you want to analyze.  In the Traffic Sources category click on the Search Engines link.  Next, look under the chart for the "Show:" options that look like this:  
Click on non-paid and then select Landing Page from the Segment drop-down menu.  Bam, scroll down and you can get all sorts of metrics about popular landing pages for organic searchers.  Are these the pages you've been spending your SEO efforts on?  What happens after they click?  This just the beginning of the analysis, but it's a great place to start.

2. Organic Keywords By Page

Maybe something catches your eye in the top landing pages report or maybe you're interested to see if all of your efforts on one key page have paid off.  In steps *dramatic music* the organic keywords by page report!  Let's take Search Marketing Gurus, for example.  I've looked at Li's analytics a number of times and this post about daylight savings time and the Emerson Smartset clock always ranks highly.   So, I decided to investigate.

Annoying, you can't just click on the link to get relevant information (maybe Jeffrey Veen will note this for v3).  Instead, you'll want to click on the Content category and then Top Landing Pages.  Look at the list of top landing pages and click the one you want.  Now look for that same set of links under the big chart, like these:
Click on non-paid next to "Show:" and select Entrance Keywords from the "Analyze:" drop-down menu.  Now you can take a look at organic keywords that led people to this page.  Again, this is just the beginning of your analysis.  Enjoy!

P.S.: If you're curious, here are the top 5 keywords that led people to that page on Search Marketing Gurus.  If I were Li, I'd add an Amazon affiliate link to some clocks that she prefers :-)

  1. emerson research
  2. emerson smart set alarm clock
  3. emerson clocks
  4. emerson smartset alarm clock instructions
  5. emerson smart set 


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