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April 20, 2007

Can You Afford Ponch, Search Engine Crabs or Hitwise?

By Li Evans

Smglinkroundup It's one of those days where everyone seems to have a lot more to say than I do, and also has a lot better articles and posts than me, so I'm going to let their articles speak for themselves.

  • Let's take a walk on over to Matt McGee who's pointing out that it's National Look Alike DayIn honor of that day, Matt put together a pretty funny comparison of some Search Professionals and their celebrity look-a-likes.  All I have to say is thank goodness it wasn't D.B. who I looked like, and I still want the Antonio Banderas look-a-like for a hubby!
  • Speaking of celebrities, it seems there was quite a bit of news on that front.  "Ponch" got his star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and btw he's now a real cop too.  If I have to explain who Ponch is, I'll just cry, but before I do, I bet Ireland Baldwin wasn't smiling when she got a tirade phone message from her father Alec Baldwin a week ago.  The 30 Rock star went ballistic on his daughter for missing his call.  Apparently that's not the end of the issue either, the notoriously bitter custody feud for Ireland between Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin is now being played out on TMZ.com.  Grab your popcorn and pull up a seat, there's plenty of pictures and video!
  • Now onto stars of another sort!  Loren Baker has a great analysis of Digg vs. De.licio.us in the realm of popularity and subscriber base.  In the end, it's all about who gets the face time, and Googleanswerswho's the "internet rockstar" - that'd be Kevin Rose, if you didn't know.
  • Barry put together yet another great collection of picture of life at the search engines.  Just remember "there are some questions that can't be answered by Google" (I think maybe that might be Answers.com or even Yahoo *Answers* that does).  Yes, that was the daily does of snark for the day! :)
  • Kim Krause Berg asks where are "The Women in Tech and Women in Search".  She makes several great points, and also points out something Shari Thurow states "So maybe the SEM field as a whole is well represented for gender. But SEO? I don’t think so. We need more women with technical skills."  As a former programmer and database programmer turned SEO, I couldn't agree with that sentiment more.  Finding the women that love the "technical" end of this industry is definitely a tall order.
  • Joe Dolson points out how embarrassing it can be to mispronounce someone's name.  Add on top of all of that language choices and cultural difference, it can really make for a tall order to get the pronunciation of someone's name who's got an odd spelling correct.  Yes, I know this from 1st hand experience. Liana is tough a tough name, do you know how it was in elementary school on the first day each year in each grade?  I should have recorded, no my name is not "Lie-Een-Ah", now you all know why I go by "Li" (and that's Lee not Lie). :)
  • Remember that "speculation that Hitwise was for sale" near the end of last year?  Speculation no longer - Experian bought Hitwise for $260 million.
  • Muhammad Saleem points out how SEO's are Part of the Problem, when it comes to Social Media, pointing out the recent promotion of the Steven Colbert "Greatest Living American" bomb going on.
  • Kid Disco has a great find - a cartoon of the Search Engines as Crabs.  No, really, it's funny!
  • Jessica Bowman explains Why You Can't Afford Michael Jordan, but she might be able to help you find your in-house SEO Leader.
  • Lastly, there'll be a poll coming on Search Marketing Gurus (I did warn you Cameron).  Although for the fairer of the sexes mostly, I want to know who you all think is the sexiest/cutest SMO. I'm partial to this guy, but then there's this guy too, and this guy who's as cute as Malcom, of course there's a pretty princess too!

And that's it for this link round-up!


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I wonder if those Search Engine Crabs come with Old Bay?

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