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March 14, 2007

Women of Internet Marketing - Special Edition

By Li Evans

Womenofinternetmarketing_2For all of our faithful Women of Internet Marketing fans, Search Marketing Gurus presents a special edition of our weekly column.  When this column first started, I really didn't have a clue how popular this would end up being, or even how it would change and how long it would go on for.

My first two women were so great to step up and let me feature them first, for that I'm ever so grateful.  At the time, I didn't send out "fun" questions like you now see featured at the end of each woman's interview.  So with that in mind, I decided to give Rebecca and Kim a call and ask them if they'd be up for being "re-interviewed" but I promised to make it fun.  No hats though, I promised!

Kim Krause Berg
Kimkrauseberg_3 You all know her from Cre8asite Forums, as well as a guest blogger on Barry Schwartz's Search Engine Roundtable.  She's first up for our "Re-Interview."

Q: Joe Dolson or Justilien?
  A:    It has to be Joe, even though he voted for Jill Whalen as his favorite female SEO "godmother", shortly after I offered him a moderating position at Cre8asiteforums.  Joe is a unique man. He's classy. Very smart. Naughty sense of humor, which I like. He and my husband, Eric, discreetly held me upright when I accidently had a glass of wine while taking pain medication for my torn knee meniscus at SES Chicago 2006, but they didn't stop me from flirting with Review Me Roy.  I guess the sight of a tipsy woman squeezing the thumb of a guy in costume is a turn on. 
  Q: Do you think that Bill Slawski ever sleeps?
A:  I've known Bill since 1998 and I know for a fact that he slept once.
Q: You're trapped on a desert island , and you can only have two other Search/Usability folks with you, who'd you choose?  (by default, we'll let you have Eric there … cuz he's just cool!)
A:  Sawyer and Hurley. Oh. From the industry? Matt Bailey, because he understands me and won't think it odd when I decide to have an imaginary friend named "Wilson".  And Jeremy Shoemaker. Because if he goes missing, everybody will come looking for him, and we'll be found.  I'm no dummy.
Q: Do you think Barry Schwartz types faster than the speed of light?
A:  A few years back I sat near Barry at an SES conference in New York. I wrote notes by hand and he typed into his laptop. A man, who was sitting nearby, remarked to me that he was amazed at how fast I was writing. That was nothing. When I later went online to see Barry's coverage at SERoundtable, he had 90% more information on the session than I did. I never hand-wrote notes after that again. I later tried to be like him at the Chicago SES, when I reported on sessions for his website. It was something I needed to do, to prove myself worthy...to see if I could be as good as him.  There's something pitifully sad about that.
Q: Craziest thing that's ever happened to you in this industry?
A:  Two things come to mind. Being known in search engines as a "sex goddess" is one.   And, the success of Cre8asiteforums. I  started out in SEO, officially doing it for a company in 1996, and freelancing for years in SEO until switching over to full-time usability in 2002.  My old Cre8pc Website Promotion club in Yahoo!, launched in 1998,  was a tiny group of folks. We were practically invisible until that club morphed into what is now Cre8asiteforums. I'm not an A-lister. I met Danny Sullivan for  20 seconds once.  SEO/M can create the illusion that you or your site is something it may not really be.  Usability makes you face reality because, now let's be honest here.  SEOMoz's, Rebecca, is the new sex goddess in town. 

Rebecca Kelley
Rebeccakelley Next to Rand, Rebecca's the most famous "mozzer" (SEOMoz) out there.  Look out Rand, I think she's gonna out pace you really soon!  Rebecca recently spoke at the SearchFest in Oregon and helps to put together the great comic strip after the past two SES's (Chicago and London).

Q:  David Naylor or Greg Boser?
A:  Although I fookin' love Dave Naylor, Greg took me to Paris, for cryin' out loud. In this case, bribery wins out.
Q: Does Rand have an alternate personality that likes bats and  caves, wears a utility belt full of seo tools and drives a  really funky car that can morph into a submarine or a flying plane at any given time?
A:  Rand's alternate personality likes bait and rankings, and he wears a trendy belt from Barney's, and drives traffic. Wait, that's not really an alternate personality...
Q:   Question 3 is a two parter, because we have two teams on SEO  Survivor:
     Part 1: Team Manly Men: Danny Sullivan, Mike Grehan, Shoemoney, Matt Cutts, AussieWebmaster, Oilman – Who’s the tribal  leader and why?
     A: AussieWebmaster would be too busy buying everyone shots to lead a tribe, Oilman would be sauced off gin and tonics, Mike Grehan would be too mean a leader because he'd probably whip people with his stick, and Shoemoney is too busy competing with his wife in order to name their second-born. That leaves me with Matt and Danny...I'll go with Danny as the tribal leader, because he bought me a pasty in Salisbury (sorry Matt, but once again, bribery wins).
     Part 2: Team Wonderful Women: Kim Berg, Jill Whalen, Debra Mastaler, Christine Churchill, Elisabeth Osmeloski, Donna Fontenot – Who’s this tribal leader and why?
     A: Hmmmm, for this group I'd have to go with Elisabeth as tribal leader.
Q: From the two teams above – which tribe wins SEO Survivor?
A:  The ladies would win. Great SEO skills combined with boobs and pretty smiles wins out over just great SEO skills alone.
Q:    Bonus Question: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen Rand do?
A:   I like that this question is what's the craziest thing I've ever seen /Rand /do, and not what's the craziest thing /I've /done. I guess Rand's just more popular than I am. *sniffle*

Anyway, let's see...well, I saw him propose to his girlfriend on television, I've seen him eat pig ear (which he made everyone else try, too--I'm still recovering from that), I saw him sing some half-ass karaoke in London, I saw him dive and catch Mystery Guest from falling down an embankment while we were hiking (what a hero!)...so, I guess is what I'm trying to say is that I don't think I've seen Rand do anything crazy ;)

That wraps up this week's edition and special edition of Women of Internet Marketing, be sure to stop on back next week for Week 14 of our series!


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Aw, Kim...you're so sweet! But, just for the record, we actually just propped you up with some sticks while we went off and partied ourselves. Ain't hallucinatin' grand? ;)

Nice set of interviews, Li!

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