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March 26, 2007

Will Jason Calacanis Be Dining on Crow Soon?

By Li Evans

Calacanis Last month, the guys over at ProNet, posed a challenge to Jason CalacanisCalacanis, for those who do not know, is the "A-List" blogger and "Entrepreneur in Action" at Sequoia capital, and formerly of AOL.   Apparently he's also taken up "fat blogging", although he obviously isn't the first to try this, just the one with the most readership. 

Even more to the story, this blogging evangelist has called the search marketing industry "bullshit" (and dropped the "F" bomb) at one our our industry's top events.  Calacanis, on many occasions, has referred to professionals in this industry as spammers, and other terms that insinuate "snake oil salesmen" or "charlatans."  All of this because he believes that it's as simple as a well written title tag and a bit of content.  Again, I go back to my whole "Jason Calacanis has never had to rank for viagra, has he?" statement, to put the fact into context, that he really doesn't understand what he complaining about.

Calacanischallengeprogress So enter Neil, Cameron and the whole team at ProNet with a challenge that they can ethically and responsibly apply proven search optimization strategies to help raise traffic and rankings for Calacanis' blog.  Jason, took them up on the challenge.  Guess what?  Neil updated on the progress they've made with the challenge, and from the looks of it, Neil and crew over at ProNet, are going to win that challenge.

Wonder if Jason Calacanis is going to need some honey barbecue sauce to eat with that crow?  Great job Neil!


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I have read a lot of posts about this subject and he must really be suffering from all those links.

JC has a lot to learn from SEO people, but the converse is also true. SEO people have a ton to learn from JC about creating buzz.

Don't get me wrong, I mostly disagree with him, but I don't see it as SEO 1 JC 0, more like it's a draw.

I mean come on, the guy gets a free seo consult from Neil Patel, he must be laughing all the way to the SERPS.

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