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March 02, 2007

We Can Bitch About Digg All Day Long

By Li Evans

Digg In the past week, Digg's been the subject of a lot of articles.  From unbanning legitimate newsites and blogs like TopRankBlog, JohnChow.com and others it had previously let its' Digg "Thug Posses" mark as spam, and adding new categories like Microsoft and U.S. Elections 2008 to today's latest from Wired Magazine proving yet again that Digg can be gamed, can anyone keep score?

I'm not a huge fan of Digg, but I realize it's power, and potential for my clients.  I also realize every system has serious flaws, and when those systems are as popular as Digg has become, naturally a big red target is painted on it.  The same phenomena can be seen happening with MyBlogLog, exploits and gaming have begun to plague that popular service as well.

There's a difference though, Digg still refuses to admit it has to deal with issues of gaming, where MyBlogLog has admitted there's been bumps along the way.  This gaming that's going on, that's mentioned in the Wired Article, isn't by SEO's, it's by a for profit company who has nothing to do with SEO.  It's by its own members, too - they are getting paid for their diggs.

Bitching However, as much as we bitch and moan here in our "Search" space about Digg, it's not going anywhere.  I also highly doubt that Digg will ever come back and be as open as MyBlogLog has been, even to the point of admitting a mistake.  Maybe if they did, there wouldn't be such a hard line "love/hate" relationship, and perhaps there wouldn't be as much of a need to "prove them wrong" by everyone and their brother.

The truth of the matter is, we can bitch about Digg all day long, but, honestly what good does it do?  Does it get us anywhere?  No, it doesn't.  It does get us frustrated and maybe a little raise in our the blood pressure, and neither is good for our clients.  What we can do as marketers is educate ourselves about Digg, understand it both its good points and its flaws - and use that knowledge for the good of our clients.

* Just a postscript thought about User Submitter:  Here's a thought, what happens to User Submitter if Digg gets smart and joins as a "Diggr" was diggs the submitted stories?  They could tell then who's submitting and essentially shut the operation down, couldn't they?


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Good post Li. Where there's blogs, there will be whining. It's inevitable!

Regarding the "un-banning" of domains on Digg, it's a bit of a farce. Stories submitted from these domains quickly get buried anyway.

On the surface there are many who complain about Digg, but in practice, they continue to obsess about it like some people obsess about "PageRank" and "sandbox".

For clients you just have to choose the right tools and channels that make sense regardless of what the buzz is, good or bad.

But if U/S was smart, they'd broadcast the item to be digged to a random set of their users every time to make it harder to spot patterns/trace.

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