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March 17, 2007

Search Engines & Social Media Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

By Li Evans

St. Patrick Day Doodles Galore!

"Good Luck Ta Ya, Laddy", will probably be heard more than once today.  There will be an over abundance of green worn as well, and plenty of green beer and Irish food on hand for celebrations across Ireland, the UK and the US today.  St. Patrick's day is one of those holidays that just tends to pull you in for the fun, even if you aren't Irish.

The search engines and social media sites have decided to join in the fun as well, offering their own form of celebration by incoroporating St. Patrick's Day themes into their logos again this year.  The only search engine that doesn't is Live Search/MSN Search and Reddit seems to be the only social media site getting into the spirit of the day.

Google Doodle:


Yahoo Doodle:


Ask Doodle:


DogPile Doodle (my personal favorite this year!):


Excite Doodle:


Reddit Doodle:



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The annual Guinness St Patricks Day party is always great news for us here at Stargazer Discos in London.

This year, 2008, we have added a special highly optimised page to our website. We have carefully selected the title, keywords and description. Having done some extensive Wordtracker research, we have found the keywords and phrases with the highest KEI and added them to our site in bold, italic and H1 and H2 headings at the optimum keyword density. Pubs and bars can find us very easily this year - We are number 1 in Google for all our chosen phrases !

With 29,000 London pubs all holding Guinness St Patrick's Day Parties over the same weekend in 2008, you would think more DJs would take the trouble do the same thing or at least arm themselves with an excellent selection of both modern and traditional Irish music. Sadly very few of them bother. I have no idea why.

It makes good economic sense for the DJ plus every Paddy's Night party we have ever done has been great fun for all concerned - us included !

Of course, looking at it from a publican's point of view, booking an amateur DJ whose collection of Irish music consists of 4 tracks by U2 and "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats kind of defeats the object.

Irish expats and Londoners alike will soon leave the pub in search of the "real thing" if they do not hear the music they want.

It is the same with food. Any halfway competent pub chef should take the trouble to prepare some decent home cooked Irish food, such as Irish stew with soda bread or Colcannon.

In other words a good DJ with the right music and a kitchen producing tasty authentic Irish food are worth their weight in gold to a pub on St Patricks Day.

I would recommend any pub participating in the festivities and doing it right should their webmaster or SEO firm to do the same thing. You are very rare breed indeed !


Another quick tip for you - Don't forget to have a look at the Guinness website at Guinness UK where this year, 2008, you can get not only their usual Guinness screensaver but also a neat little clock for your desktop, with a countdown to Guinness St Patricks Day. Personally speaking, I can't wait !

Mike Starr - Professional DJ - London

07967 044282

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