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February 07, 2007

Welcome Karl Ribas!

By Li Evans

Karlribas I'd like to announce an addition to our group of writers here at Search Marketing Gurus.  Karl Ribas, has come on board to write for SMG.  Karl's role will be as a supplemental writer, as his main focus is on his own blog and his work at All Web Promotion.  However, Karl's a great added edition, who will help vary the voices you read here at SMG.

Karl's already got an assignment from me, a post for next week while I'm in London at SES.  I'll still be blogging and adding pictures (yes you UK SEOs beware of my camera!), but it won't be as heavy, and with a 5 hour difference in time it'll be tough for me to keep up.  I've asked both Karl and Greg to help out and keep our audience supplied with some content.

Londonses Along with the jaunt across the pond (its my first time, and for some odd reason Evil Green Monkey told me to tell people I'm Canadian! *hrrmmm*), I'm in the process of moving, so posting on SMG wont be back to normal till sometime around February 18th or 19th. 

No worries though for the Philly folks, I'm not going far, I'm just moving from West Chester to Limerick.  Yes I know the Nuclear Power Plant is there, I think that green glow  goes really well with my red hair. :)


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Don't take it personally, I'm sure that Danny has told everyone in his village that he's Canadian as well ;)

Oh, that rule doesn't apply at immigration - they're less likely to believe you.

A couple more tips:
- Don't admit to voting for Bush.
- Don't say that the British speak English funny.
- Don't say that you thought the St George's Cross (English flag) was a Swedish Flag - I think Rand was the culprit last year.
- Don't insult the food and then ask for directions for the nearest Mc Donalds.


I must have missed this post when it was posted, but YEY Karl! :)

Very cool - Karl will be a great fit here!

Thanks Lisa and Chris. I'm hoping that I can live up to the standards that Li and Greg have set for this Blog. I'm really excited and looking forward to participating.

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