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January 06, 2007

What's Going On With "My Super Proposal"?

By Li Evans

Mysuperproposal Back in November Joe Morin decided to help out J.P. of My Super Proposal.  Prior to Joe's involvement, there wasn't a lot of activity being pointed J.P's way.  Since Joe's involvement, although things have been quiet on the blogging front, other things have been happening, a lot more that what even I expected to happen!

It all started out with a few of us bloggers getting the ball rolling and using good ol' Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) and a press release from Public Relations Guru Greg Jarboe. That seemed to set things in motion.  Radio spots, magazine articles and now even TV interviews are all in store.

Joe has posted a complete rundown today about what's going on, but I'd just like to highlight a few of those things:

  • Interview on he Howard Stern Show (on Sirrius Sattelite Radio)
  • ABC News / ESPN Sports
  • Fox News (National - on a Sunday  afternoon)
  • MSNBC (1/6/07 - 7:30 a.m. PST)
  • Good Morning America (multiple video segment starting next week (1/8/07))

I can't wait to read Joe's entire write up on this when everything wraps up, it definitely will be a case study worth reading.

And I still think Danny Sullivan's idea of linking the words "will you" to the site is fabulous!


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I was originally rooting for this guy to fail since he said he would donate whatever he had raised to that point to a charity if he didn't make enough or whatever he made over the cost of ad. In the press release of Nov. 29, "Any money raised above and beyond the costs for a commercial spot, will be donated to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital."

Now, Jan. 3, JP says "I’M NOT SPENDING THE MONEY ON THE SUPER BOWL AD. The $100,000 or so raised in donations and pledges to date (yes, I’ll up the donations page ASAP) will be going to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. I was, originally, planning to buy an ad, but we couldn’t raise enough, and the selfish nature of it became clear as well."

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