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January 01, 2007

Welcoming in 2007 - Happy New Year!

By Li Evans

Happynewyearcherubswithchampagne_1 I hope all of you are re-cooping just fine from all the fun from the New Year's celebrations last evening!  Ringing in the New Year always leaves everyone to reflect on what has happened to them in the last year, and I, like everyone else is no different.

I won't bore you with stats or predictions, SMG's stats are just really now starting to take off and my predictions, well other than predicting I'll be seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on Memorial Day weekend this year, that's about all I'm willing to put my neck out for right now.  Perhaps 2007 leading into 2008 I'll be a little more adventurous and do some predictions.

So, where has SMG come in 2006?  It started as a "thought" back in March, however due to where I worked before Commerce360, it had just stayed a thought.  When I was finally liberated from the political nonsense & backbiting of the corporate retail world by Craig and Lucinda, I decided to really give this "a go" in late June.  I came up with a quick design, and set up an account on Typepad and started blogging.  Over 225 posts, and over 6 months later here we are.  I can tell you the top three posts driving traffic to SMG are three of the most recent ones' that have been written.

There's been some hiccups along the way, little stumbling blocks that have only helped to educate me more about the path to take, what things to avoid and what things to do ensure that what I'm doing is the best thing for the Search Marketing Gurus audience.  Overall this has been a wonderful experience, one I could not ever have envisioned happening at the beginning of 2006. 

The friendships that I've made, and the colleagues I now can consult with have just broadened my base of knowledge and experience 10 fold.  That in turn allows me to be a better asset to my clients and also allows me to be a better blogger to you, the audience.

The biggest take aways from everything that I experienced in the past year are the following:

  • Don't jump on a story right away because the entire blogosphere is, research a little and make sure the facts are right.
  • Don't be afraid to have an opinion and express it.  It could be totally off the mark - but that is how we as humans learn!
  • If you learn something new (that isn't under a "top secret" clearance or client sensitive) - share the knowledge.  It will reward you 10 fold!
  • The A-list bloggers aren't "Gods", they are human and just like you and me.  Sometimes they might even be reading your blog if you are contributing to the conversation with consistency and quality.  (And yes you can even shake their hand at a conference and you might even get them to wear a silly hat)
  • Don't be afraid to experiment!

NewyearSo now that we are firmly cemented into 2007, here's a few things you might see coming from SMG!

  • Hopefully a new blog design
  • Another contributing writer and guest writer
  • Highlights on niche markets
  • Recommendations of other blogs to read - some w/o Internet Marketing focus
  • More event pictures - NO MORE HATS (unless y'all really really want them)
  • Maybe even some SMG Schwag give aways!

Here's to a fun, successful and hopefully always eventful 2007!

Oh and two last things, from now on meme's will be found on my LiveJournal (btw I'm Green Lantern) &  2007 is sure to prove that Niel Patel is truly the Princess of SMO. ;)


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