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January 23, 2007

Techmeme vs. Digg - Knowing Your Audience & Client

By Li Evans

Techmemevsdigg Techmeme vs. Digg?  There really shouldn't be a comparison, should there?  However after thinking about this for a while there is a bit of a comparison when it comes to "getting noticed".  After reading Kim Krause Berg's post about not Digging being Dugg on Digg, I sat and thought about this a bit more in depth.  It's really about knowing who your audience is, or who your customer's audience is and knowing whether or not Techmeme, Digg or any other of these social media and social news services, fit.

I'm sure who 85% of my audience is.  It's readers who want to learn more about the Search and Internet Marketing Industry.  My readers are people who tend to be Tech Savvy or at least Internet Savvy, professionals who are over the age of 20.  These are professionals who understand or at least acknowledge that most of SEO isn't spam.  These people will tend to read and trust what they see on Techmeme before Digg.

Audience Digg, although the traffic numbers are very alluring, is NOT my audience.  The majority of users on the service do not understand anything about this industry and consider the majority of it as Spam.  They might be educated in other areas, but a decent portion of the highly active users are much younger and haven't a clue what this industry is really about.  That much is apparent by the comments they leave on Digg and also on the blog articles that are Dugg.

When I look at a client's audience, I find for the majority of them, Techmeme isn't the ideal place to look at to attract new audience members.  Digg, Netscape, Reddit & Newsvines are more of a fit for my clients.  Other social media services like Stumble Upon or MySpace might also offer another place to find new audience members. It is all about knowing your client intimately enough to understand how to reach their target audience.

Writing If you are a new blogger, don't worry about getting Dugg or even hitting Techmeme, that's secondary to providing good content.  Concentrate on establishing and knowing who your audience is, then decide what social media option best for you -- and your audience.  Once you have your hands around who's reading your blog, then experiment a little with providing some different types content, but remember, your base audience is your most loyal - don't piss them off.

If you write great content that serves a purpose and is valuable (and not all about you), other bloggers and people will notice and link to it.  Over time, you'll build a great base that will help to build your audience on its own.  Sure it's great to be Dugg, and you'll find a few good additions to your audience, but the more valuable audience member is one referred by a current reader.

So keep this in mind, in the end, it isn't about writing for Techmeme verses writing for Digg - it's about writing great content for your audience that keeps them coming back for more. 


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"Sure it's great to be Dugg, and you'll find a few good additions to your audience, but the more valuable audience member is one referred by a current reader."

I've been SO satisfied with my regular readers and appreciate new ones who came via a qualified link referral. They often stay, look around, and sometimes they contact me and we hit it off.

My Digg Effect was nothing even remotely like that.

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