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January 23, 2007

Dave Pasternack - The Frog Prince of Did-It

By Li Evans

Davepasternackthebaker Please Note:  If you are looking for Dave Pasternack the famous Chef, please visit his restaurant's site: ESCA (The Southern Italian Seafood Restaurant)

Threadwatch is pretty fed up with Dave Pasternack (the guy who is from Did-It, not the chef), so much so they've announced a contest to see who can rank the highest for the term "Dave Pasternack".  I think we are all sick of Dave Pasternack by now, but he's not taking the hint, maybe this contest  will give him a clue.

I have to say, after David Wallace emailed me earlier today, I just groaned seeing that this guy is yet again yammering about the same old crap.  David's actually got a great post about Dave Pasternack's "Bakery Ramblings"

Baking a cake, *shakes his head*, wow, I wonder how long he had to sit around to come up with that one?

Normally, I'm not one for using a blog to criticize one individual, but geesh, doesn't Dave Pasternack know when to give up?  We all know, as David Wallace pointed out, it won't be long util Kevin Lee will be trying to sweep up the floury mess from yet another failed baking failed publicity stunt experiment.

Look, will someone please tell Dave Pasternack, to *pretty please* just go back to your PPC world.  We heard you the first time, the second time, the third time...... we're tired of hearing you beat this horse to death.  Go pick on Digg, or the entire Social Media industry and tell us the sky is falling there, maybe someone will care, or listen ..... but then again, maybe not.


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I hate Dave Pasternack with a passion. Come visit my site. www.angelfire.com/ny4/mis419

I hate everybody idiot equally. No special treatment of this one. Kidding.

I am inclined to donate money to have a doctor check him out.

Who knows, may be it's just a unfortunate head injury that causes this output of garbage.

More Pasternack-related humor:

My SEO Cake

I've been writing articles similar to this one for years. Go to DMNews and search for my last name and you'll see what I mean. Curiously, this has been the only one that has generated troves of hate mail and a resounding buzz through the blogosphere. That says more about SEO "professionals" than it says about me.

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