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January 07, 2007

Banned From Digg? Try A Work Around.

By Li Evans

Themulife With the rash of Digg bans on great content sites, just because they are "SEO" related, what's a website owner to do?  Although not exactly for the website owner, the Mu Life is pointing out a loop hole to those bans.  For those readers/users of Digg who find a really great article on a site that is banned from Digg, there  seems to be an alternative.  How?  Well it's all about the URL.

Muhammad Saleem explains that sites like tinyurl.com and shurl.org could be seen as a solution of working around a ban on Digg - although he's not suggesting it should be used - for now it could be (until Digg closes this loop hole).  The sites themselves do monitor for spam, so "spamming" them isn't a smart idea - but if there's a great story you think should be seen by the community on a banned site, it seems to be the work around since it doesn't violate the terms of service at Digg.

Check out the Mu Life for a more in-depth explanation of this.  Please note - Muhammad Saleem, isn't saying to do this, he's just pointing out this loop hole.


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I think you misunderstood the idea behind my article. I am not saying that this is a workaround. I was mentioning that people are abusing these available services to 'game' the digg-bans. And I do not recommend using these services in this manner at all!

Thanks for the clarification Muhammed - I've edited this to reflect what you have just stated.

Hi Li -

Actually most of the well-known URL redirect services are banned from Digg as well. If you submit from one you'll get the standard: "This URL has been reported by users and cannot be submitted at this time."

This really had my head churning all night long. Basically, once these sites are found by Digg, they'll be banned - no doubt about it.

But what's to stop someone from saying on their own blog - "Hey - XXX has this awesome article here, but it's banned from Digg, here's an excerpt, go read the rest."

Isn't Digg about great news and letting people know about great news? Yeah I know I tend to think in Utopian terms. Guess I just think it's stupid to ban a site, just cuz a bunch of "thugs" got together and didn't like it, when it is providing great/relevant news or information.

Instead of trying to work around this ban on SEO sites, I have decided to start my own Digg-like site focused exclusively on SEO: http://www.seoyak.com . Come check it out and submit your favorite SEO story.

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