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December 09, 2006

Vote For Your Favorite HatBait Picture

By Li Evans

Lievanslianaevanshatibait2 Alright folks - voting starts now!  I'll close out the voting at 9 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, December 13, 2006, winner announced on Friday, December 15, 2006.  Anyone can vote - it isn't just limited to the people on the list - so here's how to vote:


Voting is by comment (there is moderation on comments to prevent spam), please leave the following information in a comment:

  • Number the picture is on the list
  • Name of person
  • One vote per comment, if there are two listed, only the first listed gets counted
  • You can vote for yourself (but don't vote for yourself multiple times!)

There are a few people who have two, feel free to vote for either, people with two hatbait pictures will count towards the same person.  If you would like to add a comment onto your vote, feel free!  If there's enough comments on the picture, perhaps will bestow an "honorary" HatBait.com award .... like "Most Tortured HatBait Participant", or most "OxyMoronic HatBait Picture".  So now, without further delay, here's the list, vote away!

  1. David Temple - SEM SEO Certification & Training & China Search Marketing Tour
  2. Kim Krause Berg - Cre8pc on Usability & Holistic SEO
  3. Jeremy Shoemaker - Shoemoney.com
  4. Todd Malicoat - Stuntdubl Business Search Marketing Consulting
  5. Cameron Othluis - Pronet Advertising & Crazy Egg
  6. Neil Patel - Pronet Advertising & Crazy Egg
  7. Eric Berg - Cre8pc on Usability & Holistic SEO
  8. Loren Baker - Search Engine Journal
  9. Removed per request
  10. Rand Fishkin - SEOmoz.org
  11. Andrea Shoemaker - Planet Andrea
  12. Rebecca Kelley - SEOmoz.org
  13. Lee Odden - TopRank Online Marketing & TopRank Blog
  14. AussieWebmaster aka Frank Watson - Forex Capital Markets
  15. Sara Holoubek
  16. Chris Boggs - Avenue A / Razor Fish
  17. David Wallace - SearchRank
  18. Irma Wallace - SearchRank
  19. Rob Nickell
  20. Bruce Clay - Bruce Clay, Inc.
  21. Lisa Barone - Bruce Clay, Inc.
  22. Karl Ribas - allWebPromotion & KarlRibas.com (he's got a combination FIREFOX hat  & the jester hat)
  23. Justilien Gaspard - Justilien.com
  24. Cameron Othluis - Pronet Advertising & Crazy Egg
  25. Jonathan Hochman - JE Hochman & Associates, LLC
  26. Irrrrrma Wallace (with a Russian accent even) - SearchRank
  27. Mike Grehan (that's his own authentic russian hat) - Mike Grehan says...
  28. Pavel Medvedev (I didn't get his card)
  29. H.L. Devore - Prudent Publishing
  30. David Naylor (aka DaveN) - Dave's Blog
  31. Rob Kerry (aka evilgreenmonkey) - PartyGaming & Search Market Pro
  32. Dan Theis - SEO Research Labs
  33. Matt McGee - Small Business SEM
  34. Geoggrey Shenk - Double Click
  35. Matt Bailey (pic is blurry there's a better one later on) - Web Site Accessiblity Blog
  36. Barry Schwartz (pic is blurry :(  ) - Search Engine Roundtable & RustyBrick
  37. Joe Dolson (pic is blurry but there's a better pic later) - JoeDolson.com
  38. Eric Enge - Stone Temple Consulting
  39. Andrew Rodrigues - Geary Interactive
  40. Jamie Crosson - BusinessOL
  41. Phil Mayer - It was hard enough getting this guy to give me his name I've got no clue who he works for!
  42. Dave Reidy - MUDD Advertising (he'll donate the prize to a charity for animals)
  43. Darryl King - ireckon
  44. Andy Steggles - sitePRTracker
  45. Rob Kerry (being tortured by many hats) - PartyGaming & Search Market Pro
  46. Daron Babin - WebmasterRadio.fm
  47. Joe Morin - Joe Morin Travels
  48. Jill Whalen - High Rankings
  49. Alan Perkins - Silver Disc
  50. Ward Tongen - Ward's Moblog
  51. Thomas McMahon - TopRank Online Marketing & TopRank Blog
  52. Chris Allen - Life In Barcelona
  53. Benjamin Lipsman -
  54. Alan Rimm-Kaufman - The Rimm-Kaufman Group
  55. H.L. Devore - Prudent Publishing
  56. Larry Mersman - Trellian - Keyword Discovery
  57. Hilton Rutgers - Trellian - Keyword Discovery
  58. Paul Slack - WebDex
  59. Jake Bailie - TrueLocal
  60. Vince Filby - TrueLocal & vfilby's blog
  61. Chris Robertson - TrueLocal
  62. Rand Fishkin - SEOmoz.org
  63. Eddie (sorry the pic is blurry :( ) - WebmasterRadio.fm
  64. Caleb chase  (sorry the pic is blurry :( ) - eComXpo
  65. Thomas Oliver - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
  66. Jason Dujardin-Terry (yes that's a plastic frisbee as a hat!) - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
  67. Kunal Das - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
  68. Bernard Ablola - - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions & Ablola
  69. Jim Hedger - Markland Media
  70. Matt Bailey - Web Site Accessiblity Blog
  71. Andy Beal - Marketing Pilgrim
  72. Shari Thurow - Grantastic Designs
  73. Marilyn - Search Engine Strategies / Insicive Media
  74. Stewart Queley - Search Engine Strategies / Insicive Media
  75. Danny Sullivan - Search Engine Land
  76. Vanessa Fox - Google Webmaster Central
  77. Chris "Silver" Smith - Natural Search Blog & SuperPages.com
  78. Joe Dolson - JoeDolson.com
  79. Marie Howell - Bruce Clay, Inc
  80. Meg - Network Solutions, Inc.
  81. Amanda Watlington - Searching For Profit
  82. Frank Watson (aka Aussie Webmaster) - Forex Capital Markets
  83. Martin Murray - Interactive Return
  84. Jeffery Rohrs - Optiem, LLC
  85. Heather Frahm - Catalyst on-line
  86. Michael Roebuck - allWebPromotion
  87. Melissa Wagner - Webside Story
  88. Todd Freisan - Oilman
  89. Troy Ireland - Text Link Brokers
  90. Jarrod Hunt - Text Link Brokers
  91. Michael McDonad - Web Pro News
  92. SEO Fan Girl(Ylayn) - Men of SEO
  93. Brian Mark - ToolBarn.com
  94. Ethan Griffin - Allegis Group
  95. Chris Sherman - Search Engine Land & SearchWise
  96. Grant Crowell - Grantastic Designs
  97. Detlev Johnson - Position Technologies 
  98. Christine Churchill - Key Relevance
  99. Rebecaa Ryan - Trellian - Keyword Discovery
  100. Rachel Farnam
  101. Kevin Gottesman - Donordigital
  102. Emmitt & Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide


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Number 6 baby, Neil Patel.

#3 Jeremy Shoemaker - Shoemoney.com

Cool hat!

#101 Cool hat!

My vote goes to Neil "princess" Patel.

A close second goes to Chris Boggs or oilman with a halo on.

Nice bait.

I vote for #6, the pretty princess :)

I don't see this guy with a number, but he definitely has the best pic:


Wait a second. I thought the guy that took the hat home won? LOL

My Vote is for Neil #6

Cameron, Todd, and Troy are close seconds.

My voting was based solely on who lasted longer on Wednesday night :). I'm pretty sure Neil could have pulled an all-nighter, He may only way 120 pounds but that guy is like the energizer bunny on steroids!

Jill - that was the band leader of the aphrodesiacs -- they played at the Yahoo! party. Didn't have an addie for him, so that's why I didn't include him in the voting ;)

No one can compete with Neil Patel so he gets my vote but it really should be #9 the only one smart enough to pull out of the contest.

I'm gonna have to vote for #32, Dan Thies...he's just sooo cute in his little coronet!

#1 - David Temple

Because it takes guts to be the first person to do this!

#91 Mike McDonald. I had such a good time meeting him and I love his picture!

I'm going to have to go with # 26 - Irma with the Russian style hat. But then again, I'm a bit biased. ;-)

#22 - Karl Ribas - Firefox Rules and I shouldn't vote for myself.

I vote #6 Neil Patel

Okay oxymoronic has to be Rebecca - she does not need the hat to look mischeviously elfish.

Most tortured.... me (the Frank Watson link) ... but that could be my third night of drinking.

66. Jason Dvjardin-Terrs - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions


Hey Jason - Sorry about the name misspelling your last name! I tried to decipher your handwriting the best I could :)

I just fixed it to reflect how you spell it correctly!

So Jason what is the deal with the supposed fire at your datacenter

#21 Lisa Barone!

#82, Frank Watson - Is that a fish cow.

#22, Karl Ribas. Nothing says masculinity like (what looks more like) a bow on the head.

I vote for #22, Karl Ribas. Sweet Hat!

Karl Ribas....nice hats.

Go #22 - Karl Ribas! Definatley a winning combination of hats. :)

#22 - Karl Ribas (Thank for the votes everyone... Your checks are in the mail!).

Karl is a vote ahead of Neil so far as I can count!!!

#23 Justilien.

Can't believe I missed him at the conference! And that nose is just too good - makes a great accessory to the hat.

I vote for Caleb Chase (#64) -- he's Mooooorific.

#22 Karl Ribas!!

#66 The frisbee hat on Jason rocks!

Gotta go with Neil and his boo-ti-full fairy cap. :)

#77 - Chris "Silver" Smith, who looks like he just got back from a gig with "The Cure."

I gotta say #77 Chris Smith for the hairdo.

#77 - Chris "Silver" Smith

#76 - Vanessa Fox, for the Death t-shirt from the Sandman series, peeking above the Hatbait.com sign in her pic.

I vote for Neil 'the Peel' Patel.

Irony behind his pic is that he was wearing that get up when he showed up to the conference on Sunday night :)

#77 - Chris "Silver" Smith

Who looks like the enemy of 007...

#77 - Chris "Silver" Smith

I like number 64 Caleb Chase

i'm digging on both neil patel and aussiewebmaster -- nice pics of everyone tho. wish i was there...

Karl Ribas...


#77, Chris "Silvery" Smith of superpages.com, without a doubt! Love the hat!

Great hat!

Go #22 Karl! You da man.

#77 Chris Smith

AUSSIEWEBMASTER is the man! Yo, if the hatbait contest was my penis, and aussiewebmaster a 12 year-old boy...

#22 (Karl Ribas) is my pick! :)

Granted Neil Patel is funny. But I can't stop laughing when I see Frank Watson's photo - #14 is my vote.

#22 is my vote! Go Karl Ribas!!

Great fun Li. It's hard to decide - so many great shots, but Neil has the friendliest smile. My vote is with him. #6

I should vote for my husband but I'll vote for #22 Karl Ribas instead. Sorry Michael!

#22 (Karl Ribas) Thanks for all your help!

#22 Karl Ribas - AWESOME

#22 Karl Ribas - Better the Awesome!!

I vote for Karl Ribas #22

Go Karl....

I can't resist...

Neil Patel

#6 Neil Patel

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