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November 18, 2006

Wooing PS3 Gamers Away - One Gamer At A Time

By Li Evans

Here at Search Marketing Gurus we try to cover and stay in the realm of Internet Marketing covering Search, Blogging, Social Media, Viral Marketing, PR for the Web and Reputation Management on the Web.  Sonyps3 Occasionally I come across a pretty interesting piece or tidbit of information concerning marketing but it comes from another area of technology.  Tonight's piece comes from the world of gaming, in particularly the Sony PS3.

While there's stories of violence from consumers standing in line - everything from a potential buyer being shot twice for not giving up his money, to a few people in line getting shot with BB's - to stories about the performance being compared to supercomputers and then of course Gizmodo doing the whole comparison of Nintendo's Wii to Sony's  PS3, there's a LOT of buzz out there about the PS3.

What I found interesting and wanted to share was an article I came across on PC Gamer.  PC Gamer went down into the trenches of the PS3 lines in San Francisco, it had one task in mind.  Convert a hard cord PS3 Gamer to be a PC Gamer, not just for the release of the PS3, but for life.  This is a pretty interesting concept - PC Gamer teamed with Falcon Northwest to prove that "the PC is, and always shall be, the finest gaming platform available to man."

It's a pretty interesting set of articles.  PC Gamer Magazine invited gamers standing in line (some close to 40 hours) to purchase a Sony PS3 to try out this super gaming computer worth $7,500 and then have a chance to win the gaming system.  The catch though is that the winner has to sign over there "PS3 gaming life", that for the remainder of their life, they'll never own another Sony Game Playing System again.  They can play on one at a friends, or own a Nintendo Wii or a Microsoft XBox, but the point was to bring them over to the PC Gaming world.

Pcgaming_winner Neil from San Francisco was the winner, and as PC Gaming describes "was saved from the dark side."  The article about the winner has a nice set of pictures to go along with it.  Both articles on PC Gaming a great read if you are into Gaming or into different marketing ideas.  This one was rather unusual so I felt compelled to share it with the audience - perhaps you can glean some ideas too, how can you capture and convert customers of your competitor?


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