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November 15, 2006

Techmeme - Feed Me Links to Get Listed

By Li Evans

Techmeme I don't know how coincidental it was that I was out on Techmeme trying to figure out how a blog gets listed on there.  I then saw that Techmeme's owner, Gabe Rivera has a posting about getting your blog on Techmeme, it turns out that he just posted that today.

For months now I've been trying to figure out how sites get to headline a news piece on Techmeme, and then I wondered how blogs got into the "discussion" area.  I constantly see Scoble's blog, Steve Rubel's blog, TechCrunch, Search Engine Watch, Marketing Pilgrim and a few others headlining on there.  This is AFTER a bunch of other "smaller" (apparently "unworthy") blogs crack stories first.  A perfect example of this, is the whole Edelman mess, it was churning in the blogosphere for a few days with "smaller" blogs but it wasn't until Shel Holz posted something about it, did it hit Techmeme.

What's sad is that there's a whole crop of new and really great bloggers out there that Techmeme is leaving on the sidelines and ignoring.  These are the blogs that are cracking the stories and passing some of the tips onto the "bigger" guys.  Take for example two stories I was tipped to by other bloggers How to Piss Off Your Fan Base and Edelman Learns Fast - On the Ball for WalMart, of course these didn't make it to Techmeme (since Search Marketing Gurus is still small and can't send tons of traffic Techmeme's way).  However, Search Marketing Gurus got a boatload of traffic for these stories (and still does) because these stories were newsworthy to the industry, and were spotted early on even smaller places than this blog.

Shelley Powers comments about this whole issue, although a bit harsh, at the heart of it I agree with her analysis.  Why do small blogs have to feed Techmeme links to get listed?  I don't see Marketing Pilgrim farming out quality CONTENT links to Techmeme every day, nor Micro Persuasion, so why the special treatment?

If you find a legitimate blog, running consistently for say 3 months or more, wouldn't you want to spider it to find some sources for new news pieces and tidbits?  More than likely these scrappy start ups are out there scouring the web for new, obscure and buzz-worthy things that are going to get them traffic.  In return by picking them up could get your more traffic for Techmeme, Gabe. 

Hmmmm, I guess though I must be off in my thinking. Tell me SMG readers, what do you think?


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