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November 18, 2006

Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: NorthWest Airlines #182 (NWACQ)

By Li Evans

Nwalogo Northwest Airlines, Inc. started as an airline that flew mail between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago back in 1926.  About a year later, the company started offering passenger service and the company grew on from there.  Currently the company employs over 30,000 people between pilots, stewards, bag handlers, marketing, customer service reps and many other positions that make Northwest one of the top airlines in the world.

In July of 1947, Northwest Airlines pioneered the Great Circle route to Asia, with service to Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, and Manila.  Today, the airline company has over 200 nonstop flights between the United States and Asia each week.

No Corporate, Official or Marketing Blogs
Northwest's site came up empty for any type of blog.  A further search of Technorati, Google, Ask, Yahoo & Live turned up no blogs written by Northwest or any of its senior management team.  I searched for Douglas M. Steenland, Northwest Airlines' CEO, but only blog entries written about him came up in the search.

Nwaplane As a frequent traveler on NWA, this kind of blog could be a real asset.  There are two things that immediately come to mind in recent passing that concerned me as a traveler on this airline.  First is the recent incident of the fake airline tickets being printed, apparently a Google intern built a website that could print these fake tickets and they could pass all the way through security.  As a traveler, I'd want to know how NWA is handling this and how it could possibly affect my trip.

The second is the current state of NWA's contract negotiations with is airline stewards.  Located in there press section is a release about their agreement with the aircraft mechanics, but nothing on the stewards.  As a traveler - I want to know if I'm going to have to deal with any "CHAOS" during my trip, having a blog that could address this would be a great way to communicate with travelers.

NWA does have some good tools for its customers to utilize on its front page, however, being able to communicate on a consistent basis with information from an official source would be a great added benefit to its customer base.  It can also go to setting it apart from all the other airlines clamoring for attention in this very competitive market place. 


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I would like everyone to know that the Northwest Airline ( NWA ) site
errored and booked the wrong date on my flight. When I complained the
employees kept me on hold for 2.5 hours and then did nothing to
remedy the problem. If I were a potential passenger on Northwest
Airline I would worry for my safety. These folks cannot keep there
website running much less a complex aircraft.
This has been carefully worded to for Maximum search engine

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