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November 10, 2006

Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: Coca Cola # 120 (CCE)

By Li Evans

Ccelogo About this time of year I start looking for the new Christmas version of the Coca Cola packaging, and for new Coca Cola Polar Bear commercials.  That's how ingrain Coke's advertising has become.  Like automobiles, and fast food, soft drink makers always are reinventing themselves with advertising and trying to find new ways to reach their consumers.  It's no different with Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE).  The company that has more than 50 different soft drink brands under its umbrella including Coca Cola (Coke), Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq's, Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, PowerAde, Mellow Yellow, Nestea, and Fanta.

No Corporate Public Facing Blogs
Cocacolaccetruck_1 Coca-Cola Enterprises does not have any corporate type blogs that address shareholders or press interests.  Their corporate site is quite extensive though, along with a very annoying Coca-Cola brand site.  These sites include areas for all sorts of information, however the brand site seems to be a lot more current than the CCE site.

I did searches on Technorati for an official blog, or corporate blog, but came up empty.  I also searched on the CEO for Coca Cola,  E. Neville Isdell, but again no blogs could be found that were written by him.

Coca Cola Does Utilize Blogs
Coke may not utilize blogs for the corporate face, but they do utilize them internally and with marketing ventures to certain degrees of failure and success.  The recognized and perceived benefit of blogs by Coca Cola is encouraging, I hope to see more utilization of blogs from the company going forward, but only time will tell. 

Technoraticokementions It would be smart of them to launch a blog talking about their brands and current promotions or commercials since its something they are known for and people actually look forward too.  Besides with over 500 mentions daily in blog posts - they should be taking advantage of that type of traffic.

  • MyCoke.com - This area of Coke actually has its own blogging system.  Sort of a "TypePad/WordPress/Blogger" for MyCoke Members, but with a music type spin.  Users can post to their own blogs in this area.
  • ZeroMovement Blog - This was pretty much a Blogging disaster by Coke.  Based on the premise that men don't like the word "diet", this blog helped to promote Coke Zero with the male population.  The only problem was, is that the blog was "fake", to be discovered it was sponsored totally by Coke Zero, and although the domain was only bought in November 2005, posts went back farther than that.
  • WellSpeakFootball.com - To all accounts this looks like a successful venture for Coca-Cola.  I believe it was because bloggers, rather than marketers were at the helm of this project.  This blog promoted the World Cup Soccer Games in Germany this past summer (2006).
  • Internal Blogs - Starting back in October 2004, Coca Cola started an internal blog.  The only reason anyone knows about this is because Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion actually caught a glimpse of it and posted a snap shot of it.  Unfortunately these are not viewable to the public, the blog itself is now password protected.

Thecokeshow I could go into the whole Diet-Coke / Mentos / EepyBird.com / Google Video geysers, but that is going to be another post on the whole viral marketing area, since I singled out Coke (as 1 of 5 who didn't "get it") for not embracing this "free advertising" before. :)


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