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October 09, 2006

More On Web Anlaytics Blogs

By Li Evans

My prior post on top analytics blog was just a short "post and run" over the weekend to give some readers an idea of where to go if you are looking for some blogs on Site Analytics and Website Traffic Analysis. 

After some further consultation with my coworker (who is a great analytics guy) on this list and doing some digging to educate myself a little more on this particular area of Search Marketing, I wanted to come back with a bit more on the topic.

The list that Ziavras.com had, was actually a snippet of Avinash Kaushik's Occam's Razor blog.  This gentleman is probably one of the premiere experts in the web analytics industry - but what his September 29, entry was - that was snippeted - was a listing from Technoarti of the top Technorati web analytics blogs for September 2006.

I think what's more important to note is Avinash's personal "top blogs." - here's his list (quoted directly from his blog):

    # 1:This Just In – Justin Cutroni
    (I am amazed at how much Justin contributes to the community, soon he will work himself out of a job because rather than hiring him I’ll just use his blog to fix every problem I have!! : )

    # 2: Increasing your website’s conversion rate – Robbin Steif
    (The irrepressible Ms. Steif’s blog has a wealth of practical knowledge for any web analytics practitioner. Her honesty is to die for. : ))

    # 3: Commerce 360 Blog – Craig Danuloff
    (Craig shares a very unique real world perspective that I find very refreshing. He is frank, he adds a lot of value and his personality shines through clearly.) 

Personal Disclaimer - my day job employer is Commerce360.  With that disclaimer mentioned, regardless whether I'm biased or not, in my own professional opinion, Craig's writings about web analytics are very insiteful and spot on with industry trends.  So, perhaps consider it a plug - but add the Commerce360 blog to your reading!  In the very near future you'll also be seeing a variety of different people posting too.


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