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June 22, 2006

Smart Search Marketing: Titles & Meta Descriptions

By Li Evans

Next to the copy that actually is on your webpage, the title tag is probably the next most important element of having a webpage rank for relevancy for keywords.  However, realizing that the use of the title tag goes beyond even relevancy for ranking in the SERP's, is a key factor in search marketing.

The title tag is your first chance to market to the searcher, and first impressions are crucial when it comes to grabbing the searchers attention enough to make them click on the link to your website.  You have mere seconds to make that first impression that intices someone to think "hey that is relevant to what I'm searching for".

Combined with the meta description, the title tag allows you to tailor your message specifically around the keyphrases that you are wanting to drive traffic on.  You can personalize the title tag to speak directly to the searcher, increasing the chances that they will choose your result in the search engine listings to click on.

Using actions verbs, like "find", "order", "buy", combined with "your" becomes a powerful combination as you are telling the searcher that they are going to be able to find, buy or order what ever it is they are searching for.  It say so much more than "XBrandCompany - Keyword Keyword Keyword".

Ranking for keywords is great, but is that ranking driving traffic?  Are searchers compelled to click on your listing in the results?  If you aren't using your title tag and meta description wisely, you could be loosing out on traffic even though you have that top ranking in the search engines.

Search engine optimization can only get you so far, utilizing the title tag and description for search marketing, can take you across that proverbial goal line by bringing you qualified, relevant traffic that converts.

June 21, 2006


By Li Evans

Thanks for visiting, as you can see we're just in the infancy of this blog - literally just starting up.  Stop back for updates on the world of Search Marketing!

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